How To Build a Computer Cabinet

A computer cabinet is essential furniture if you wish to store CDs, place your Tower in it, or just have to keep your financial documents. Now, buying a computer cabinet can be more expensive then you'd think, so why not build your own? Here are the essentials on building a computer cabinet:

  • Purchase a piece of lumber (preferably oak wood, very fashionable).
  • The lumber should be about 18X8 (2-3 pieces) for use of tower storage.
  • The lumber should be about 15X15 (2-3 pieces) for use of CD/document storage.
  • Buy two door hinges (OPTIONAL) for a opening door
  • Buy a handle (OPTIONAL) to open the door easily
  • Buy a large amount 50 (size doesn't matter) screws -or- wood glue, to glue directly into a current computer stand.

Alright, now that you have bought the materials, it's creation time!

1. Take your 2-3 pieces of lumber, and glue them like so: |_|. You place one piece, tall side up, on top of a piece, laying down, and another piece tall side up (to the right).

2. Now, take your wood glue or screws.
/For glue: Place glue below the two side pieces, and place them firmly on-top the bottom piece. Hold them firmly for 30-60 seconds, to ensure they will be stable.

/For screws: This is more challenging. I suggest getting a screwdriver, and placing them at an angle. Meaning place the screw on one of the side pieces at such an angle that it would go inside the middle piece, keeping its structure up. Place 3 on each side piece, and then screw into where ever you want to place your cabinet.

3. Okay, now here is where you put whatever you wish inside of your newly created computer cabinet.
* I suggest using screws if you plan on storing your computer tower inside, simply as wood glue is not great on holding up heavy items.

Gently place the items into the cabinet, and make sure everything fits to your standards.


Now, it's time to place the door on. You take the two hinges, spreading them evenly about 5' (5 inches). One on the top of the door, and one about .5-1' (.5-1 inches) from the bottom.


Now, to place the handle on it. I suggest solid brass handles, they are very fashionable on computer cabinets/stands. Now, place this in the middle (do measurements) of the cabinet door. Use a high-powered glue, or also screw this in.. Make sure if you screw it in, you make them less noticeable, as screws typically make things look worse, unless they are cleanly screwed into the object.

And there you have it, this is a simple build.

This should take you no longer than 35 minutes. If you understand the concept, you will do it in less time.


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