How To Build a Custom Display Case or Cabinet

Got loads of things that often get messed up and eat out significant spaces in your house? A custom display case or cabinet is what you need. Below is a procedure on building an easy and low-priced display cabinet that is both practical and elegant.

  • Go to a hardware store near you and purchase everything that you need to build the cabinet. Ask help from the store’s staff to assist you with the best materials you can buy for the project. To build a display case that can go through many years without deteriorating in quality, a metal frame is required. You also need to check out high standard strong wood as the main ingredient of your project. A hammer, nails, screws, Plexiglas, measuring tools, saw, and a marker are the basic materials needed to finish your carpentry.
  • Know the use of the cabinet. What’s going to be inside your cabinet? Figuring out the things that you will put inside is vital in making the first move in building display cases. Sort out and categorize your stuff, in order to have a vision of how your cabinet is going to be.
  • Making use of a measuring tape or meter tape, measure the wood as to how tall and wide you want your cabinet to be. Estimate the things that will be inside of it. How can they be stored in a good manner at high maintenance? Can the cabinet accommodate your stuff conveniently? A standard measurement of a display case is four stages tall. Measure all the sides of every board. If you are making a square-shape cabinet, each side must have exact equal dimensions. However, if it’s going to be rectangular, both left and right sides must be parallel and equal, while the bottom and top should also be of the same equal measures. Take note that one side must not be longer than the other. You may form them vertically or horizontally.
  • Prepare the doors. There are different ways to build them. Plexiglas is recommended for the doors of your cabinet. Measure the height of the front side of your cabinet. This is where you will put the Plexiglas. Measure the Plexiglas according to the cabinet’s height and cut the dimensions. However, if you don’t want to show what’s inside the cabinet, then wood is preferred. Simply follow the same procedure as with the Plexiglas.
  • Attach the wood. Using 10d finishing nails, put together all boards accordingly. Make the base and dividers inside the cabinet. Lay down a measured board as a basement, and then align the left parallel to the right. Lock them using nails. Do the same procedure for its surface. Make sure that everything is arranged in line with each other before you insert the frame.
  • Attach the frame. Drill holes to all sides of the frame as well as to the wood where you will be inserting screws. Make five holes on each side then start placing in the screws.
  • Attach the door. If you use Plexiglas, you have to first drill holes at the bottom and top sections of it. You will also need to bore holes to the side where you will be attaching the door. Slot in screws to fasten the door. If, however, you prefer to use a wooden door, hammer nails to the left and right sides of the cabinet. Check doors if they are properly inserted.
  • Apply your favorite hue of paint on your display case as the finale.

Building your very own custom display cabinet is quite challenging but fun. You may ask help from friends and together you can enjoy the challenge. Good luck!


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