How To Build a Hat Rack

Coat and hat rack

Building a hat rack is an easy and cost-effective way to store all your hats.  Having a hat rack keeps your hats neat and safe, while also allowing you to display them in your bedroom or home office.  Once you see how easy it is to build a hat rack, you can make several for each genre of hat styles!

To begin building your hat rack, first choose how long you want your hat rack to be.  If you have a lot of hats, you may want to put all your hats on one rack or make two smaller racks.  Also choose how much space you want between your hats.  Baseball caps need less room apart from each other than trendy feather hats would.

For a standard sized hat rack, simply cut a 1-by-4 piece of wood that is 30 inches long.  You can tailor these dimensions to meet your needs.  Next, drill holes into the wood that are evenly spaced apart.  Now that the hard work is done, it is time to spruce up your hat rack and make it your own.

Choose the hooks that you would like to use for your hat rack.  Some ideas include metal hooks, pegs, decorative drawer knobs, or even golf pegs.  If you are not sure what to use, tailor your hat rack to the types of hats you will be hanging on it.

Once you have determined the style of your hat rack, you will need to sand down the wood and stain it to match your décor.  Simply sand around the edges of the wood using sand paper and choose a color to stain your hat rack with.  If you choose, you can paint the wood instead using a color of your choice.

When the stain or paint on the hat rack has dried, it is time to insert your hooks.  Use the hardware that came with your knobs or hooks and insert them into the hat rack.  Then hang your hat rack onto your wall using a wall-hanging hardware kit that can be purchased from your local hardware store.  Complete the look by hanging your hats up on your new hat rack.

Keep in mind that when building a hat rack, there are many different designs to choose from.  If you don’t have the space to hang your hat rack horizontally across the wall, choose to place it vertically instead.  This is ideal if you are short on wall space, making it easy to place the hat rack next to your closet door.

If you want to add a little character to your hat rack, choose to position the hooks or knobs in alternating positions.  This will allow for the hats to hang at different lengths, which is ideal for hats that are a variety of sizes.  It will also make room for other accessories you may want to hang on your hat rack, such as belts or scarves.


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