How To Build a Homemade Pottery Wheel

Pottery is one of the arts that you can develop to further improve your creativity and imagination, be it a business or a hobby. However, it’s a fact that you are also required to shell out a few bucks to buy the needed equipment such as a new or an antique pottery wheel. This equipment spins a slab of clay placed horizontally and in a circular manner while it is being shaped by a potter using his hands to create a soft and even surface, especially for ceramic vases, flower pots, platters, bowls and other art clay home accessories. 

It may cost a big sum of money if you will be buying it, especially if it’s already an antique; but the good thing is that a potter’s wheel can also be made right at home for not more than a hundred dollars. To help you on how to build a homemade potter’s wheel, here are the steps that you need to take.

  1. First thing that you need to construct is the frame. A 30-inch cube frame requires four pieces of 4-by-4s and 10 2-by-4s. Have it cut in lengths of 30 inches. Aside from the frame wood itself, you also need 24 pieces of 6-inch bolts and 7.5-inch bolts along with nuts, a weller and washers. These materials are needed to secure the frame in place. For the upright frame, place it in the corners and position it in such a way that it will form a 90-degree angle before finally marking the holes for drilling. To secure the upright and bottom frames, use the 6-inch bolts along with the lock washers and nuts. 
  2. Next thing is the mounting of the upper cross members. You will need 3 pieces of 2-by-4 and 28 pieces of 3/4-inches long. If you’re doing this project for the first time, it would be better to rough cut the three 2 by 4's to about 30 inches long for easier trimming and adjustment. Two of those will be used as foot supports ofr the weller, which needs to be adjusted to fit the potter that will use it for his ceramic vase, clay art, flower pots and other home accessories.
  3. After the cross members, the next step is mounting the seat supports, top bearing and working table. Needed for these parts are 4 pieces of 2-by-4 that are 30 inches in length. In putting the supports and weller, see to it that it is leveled relative to the bottom frame. You can check it by lining up the bottom frame and truing it. Secure these parts on the front and back sections of the frame using 7-by-1/2-inch bolts.
  4. And now, you’re ready to connect the pulley. To connect the pulley wheel to the flywheel shaft, you can use epoxy glue or weld it up. From the plywood, cut a 23-inch circle to be attached to the shaft using 2 inch V-bolts. In making a cast of the flywheel, use cement to shape the tar paper all around the disc. After this, place the dowels made of wood in the holes that have been pre-drilled. Pour the cement in the mold. Change the dowels into 5-inch bolts as the cement hardens. Let it stand for 24 hours before attaching the circular wood.
  5. Finally, you’re ready to attach the flywheel, which can be done simply by sliding the pillow-block bearing over the shaft. And now you’re ready to make your ceramic vase, clay art, flower pots and other home accessories.

 At last, there you have the simple and handy steps on how to build a homemade pottery wheel.


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