How To Build a House in The Sims

Playing Sims is really enjoyable for many and constructing a personalized house for your Sims family to live in is really quite interesting. Don't you wish to have that influence to modify your Sims residences? Manipulate the structure of their dwellings for the convenience of your Sims, as well as to your playing. Constructing a dwelling in the Sims is not that hard. All you have to acquire is a little familiarity and plenty of imagination. The following steps will give you a coaching on how to build your Sims house.

  1. Plan the design outline of the house. To create a house that is more playable, prefer a simple arrangement. Think about the Sims' day by day routine. For instance, consider what they do after waking up in the morning. Try placing the area of their first activity closer to the bedroom so that it is easier for the Sims to locate the way. Build three lined corridor to avoid passage trouble.
  2. Apply the wall tool to build the three largest rooms in the house. These would be the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. If conceivable, make use of diagonal walls as they append to the room score and help get rid of any boxed feeling.
  3. Make sure the Sims' house you are designing isn't excessively big or too petite. Big residences take many Sims hours to walk around. On the other hand, small houses will develop a confined emotion. Don't create any unessential accommodation, such as a walk-in closet or a storage room. 
  4. Manage the wall tool once more and make two more rooms. These would be the master bedroom and the bathroom. Create one or two smaller bedrooms if there are Sim kids. These bedrooms must be smaller than the living room but bigger than the bathroom. It is a general rule that the bathroom should be half the size of the master bedroom.
  5. Put in flooring and decide on the wallpaper design to the house. 
  6. Decorate and furnish the house with simple necessities.

You can consider also the following additional tips before you start your construction:

  1. If you are absolutely starting from scratch, look at different house layouts/plans and modify them to be workable for Sims. Of course, actual house layouts are generally too big to be realistic.
  2. You can adapt the layout of your own house or a friend's house and revise it to be appropriate to the Sims standard of living.
  3. Pencil in layouts on the paper first to help you with the generation of ideas. It is better to draw on graph paper, utilizing the boxes as tiles.
  4. Download a bare house, make it your own, and transform it by adding and removing walls.

Following these guidelines regarding building a house for your Sims will surely make playing the game more enjoyable.


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