How To Build a Jungle Gym

Everybody remembers a time back when they were in school when they used to play on the jungle gym. In today's world, it seems to be a new phenomenon to not only have playgrounds in the yard at school, but for them to be made at home as well. There are many different ways to build a jungle gym at home, but the most important part of it all is knowing the basics in building one.

This will not be an inexpensive project, so perhaps the more important part of this is to set up a budget. Funding this project can run a hole in the wallet as deep as $10,000 depending on what kind of wood and accessories are purchased. Of course, this is an extreme figure, but the cheapest jungle gyms can still run about $400 or so.

The next step is to have a plan. Knowing exactly how it is going to look in the end helps to build a jungle gym. There are certain companies that offer something called a "jungle gym in a box." These boxes contain pre-cut wood, the different accessories necessary as well as the plan for building. Other companies sell the building plans alone, in which case the wood still needs to be purchased separately and cut to its correct size.

Whether the plans are unique or come from the "in a box" product, it is a good idea to pick accessories for the jungle gym to have. These are what makes one unique and enjoyable. Accessories can include simple, common features such as spiral slides, or they may be as unique and complex as a rock climbing wall.

If purchasing the wood separately, it is time to decide which kind to pick. Pine, cedar and redwood are among the most common kinds of wood purchased to build a jungle gym and are relatively inexpensive choices. Alternatively, Southern yellow pine is also an inexpensive choice to go with, with the added bonus of being decay-resistant.

It is assumed that wanting to build a jungle gym means there is enough room for it to be there. The next step, however, is to make sure that the area it will be in is level. If not, consider having it leveled before actually building it. Also, keep in mind that to ensure a safe play area, it is advisable to have six feet of space around the jungle gym.

If no other problems present themselves, it is time to get to the building part. Unless the jungle gym is small, it will probably be necessary to have a friend or someone else help with the building. Some of the pieces are large and heavy and will require a second hand to help prop it up somewhere during the building process.


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