How To Build a Mirror Frame with Molding

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When creating a frame for a mirror out of molding there are a few different ways that you can create the frame for the mirror. You can either cut the molding at an angle that we will refer to as a spring angle or you can cut the wood at a straight edge and use this to create a frame. Below I will give the instructions of creating a wood frame out of molding for a mirror with the straight edge method.

First you will want to visit the local repair and home improvement store to purchase the molding of your choice that you want to use for your mirror. You will also want to purchase 4 square molding pieces that have a small design or style in the center of the blocks. Some of these are more expensive than others however it will add more detail to your frame.

Once you return home with the materials of the molding for your mirror frame be sure to have the correct glue that will hold the wood to the mirror. Also be sure that the pieces that you are going to be using have enough room left over to allow a small area on either sides of the molding to actually hang off from the mirror as this is the way we are going to be attaching the mirror to a sturdy surface and will allow for the mirror to hang correctly.

Be sure to place the square pieces of molding first on the mirror and using a glass marker make a outline of the square molding and do this on all ends of the mirror. But make sure to leave a half inch of the wood hanging over the edge of the mirror on the side and bottom or top portion of the molding piece. Once you have left the sides hanging and have created the outline remove these piece of wood and measure from the side of the piece to the other side and then use these measurements to cut the molding pieces at the right size.

Once you have cut your pieces to the right size you will need to sand the ends and then place them on the mirror and allow to sit there as you place the frame as an outline before actually attaching it. Once you have your pieces in order and have made sure that the measurements are all correct you will want to attach it to the mirror. To do this you will need to have Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive which will allow the molding to be glued onto the mirror. Once you have done this allow it to dry for several hours and come back to it.

Once you have done this flip the mirror over and measure the whole back of the mirror including the molding and cut a piece of cardboard that will cover the whole area and then apply the same glue to the cardboard. To reinforce the cardboard use a staple gun to attach the cardboard and then also make sure that you have used the wire to hang the mirror up with the correct attachments used to hang the mirror on the wall. Once the mirror is dry you will be able to hang on the wall.


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