How To Build a Paper Airplane

Building a Simple and Fast Paper Airplane

Flying paper airplane

If you have some creativity and a little bit of technique, you can create your own kinds of paper airplanes. But let's begin with the basics: A simple plane with good stability and speed. The predator flies in a reasonably safe and smooth way. But let's stop with the small talk and start to make the plane.

  1. Get a good sheet of paper. Normal printable paper works well, but origami paper is also recommended. From the weight of the paper to the ease of folding, the qualities of the paper affect how well the plane will fly.

  2. Fold the paper in half. Try to use a ruler, because this fold must really be in the middle. This will be the keel of the airplane. Look at the picture.

  3. Fold one side of the front part until the edge reaches the bottom of the plane. Now, you must see a triangle with the angles of 90, 45 and 45 degrees.

  4. Fold the other side the same way, symmetrically. This fold must be done so that the wings can be made.

  5. Fold again. With first one side and then the other, fold the "front" of the plane to the bottom of it.

  6. One last time, fold it. Fold the same way you did before, making the upside part reach the bottom side part. You will see a triangle. Fold the other side just like this, too -- make the two sides equal.

  7. Bring the last fold back, making the wings. Hold onto the keel and make the wings. Your plane is almost done.

  8. Make sure the "nose" of the plane is really thin. This way, it will fly faster and for a longer time.

  9. Now, throw it, and have fun. You can try throwing it from a balcony or in a field to see how it flies. Or else, try to make flaps in each wing with scissors to see the airplane making curves and loops.


This is how your plane will look. it's an amazing plane and a wonderful joy for playing with kids.

Have fun.


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