How To Build a Platform Bed on Casters

When creating a bed frame on casters you will first want to know what size of a platform you are going to need. You will want to measure your bed first. You will need to stand the box spring up against the wall and take the tape measure from one to the other and write the measurements down. Next you will want to measure side to side. Write these measurements down and then you will need to purchase the pieces of wood to create the platform.

With your measurements you will want to add some extra length to allow the bed to actually be on a platform. If your bed measures 65 inches by 45 inches wide then you will want to add anywhere up to a foot wider on 3 sides of the platform. You do not want to have the added length of the headboard part as this should be flush against the wall.

Once you have decided on the measurements you will need to go to purchase the lumber for the platform bed on casters. Depending on the length of the bed will depend on the number of casters that you will need. If you have an over sized platform bed you will need to place additional casters in the middle of the bed frame platform to add for additional support and easier movement when moving the platform bed around the room. Let’s go ahead and use these measurements from earlier.

So you have a 65 inch by 45 inch box spring then let’s use a piece of plywood that measures 72 by 50. This will allow for added room on either sides and on the foot board area. Then you will need to purchase 2 pieces of 2x4x6’ as this will be the sides of the platform bed. Next you will need to purchase 4 boards that measure 2x4x5 and place one board on the bottom where you will attach it to the 2 sides as well as using another to attach to the headboard area of the platform bed. Once you have attached these to the plywood and have attached to the sides and screwed into the platform plywood then you will want to add some support to the center of the bed as well. This is where the other 2 pieces of wood comes into. Space them approximately 2 feet apart in the center area of the plywood. This will add the added support to hold the mattress up and support the weight of you. Next you will want to add the casters to the wood structures. You will need to place 3 casters on each side of the platform bed frame.

The last step in making your own platform bed frame is to paint the frame. Once you have painted it or stained it you will want to allow it to dry completely before placing the bed on the platform. This will allow for you to store items underneath the bed while giving you an easier way to get into bed and out of bed.


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