How To Build a Platform Bed with Storage

Originally, platform beds were beds that were built higher up from the ground to allow for more living space below. Nowadays, though, the beds have moved closer to the ground, at almost the same height as conventional beds and are built to support only a mattress. Platform beds can vary greatly in terms of material used—these can be made from wood or metal. You can also add a headboard or footboard according to your preference. Platform beds do not require a box spring to support the mattress, although the box spring can be adjusted if need be.

There are many kinds of platform beds, such as contemporary, traditional and transitional, Japanese or Asian-influenced, and storage platform beds. Storage platform beds are, as the name states, beds that can be used for storage, too. These platform beds have cabinets or drawers underneath the frame as storage. In some cases the headboard or the footboard of the platform bed can also be used for storing small items.

Take measurements. The first and may be the most crucial step is to take measurements of your bed. You have to measure the bed precisely, leaving no margin for error, or else the following steps will be completely rendered useless, and you will waste time and money. Make sure you measure all the sides of the bed: take the bed’s width, length and height.

Buy unfinished cubbies and the drawer support kit. Assuming that your platform bed has an open space underneath the bed frame, you can buy a drawer support kit and unfinished cubbies that can hold the drawers. This kit should have both drawer runners and tracks included. If it does not, then buy them separately. Make sure that you buy the drawer runner and tracks according to the measurements you took so the will fit with the storage area.

Attach the cubbies. Attach the cubbies under the bed frame with wood glue and screws, and use a power drill to do so.

Match the drawer runner and tracks. Attach and affix the drawer tracks and runner in the attached cubbies (you can do steps 3 and 4 inversely as well). This will provide the foundation for you to slide in your drawers.

Buy the drawers or build them. After attaching the drawer runner and tracks, measure it, so that you know exactly what size drawers you would need. You can buy drawers from any furniture store, or you if you are proficient with do-it-yourself projects you can download plans that show how to build drawers yourself. Depending on your measurements, you will need a sheet of plywood and framing material.

Polishing and Finishing. Once you have found the right-sized drawers, slide them in. once finalized you can paint or polish these drawers according to your own preference.

Who doesn’t want more space in their rooms? Platform beds with storage are an increasing trend, and building your own storage space in your platform bed is extremely convenient and can be done at low cost.


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