How To Build a Poster Board Stand

Poster board

Since the size of poster board is so large it is sometimes hard to keep the poster board standing without having to fold the poster board in half. Here is a perfect way to hold up the poster board when trying to give a presentation whether at school or at work. Sometimes there is not enough room to place a easel and so you will want to just have a small stand that can be placed on the table that will hold the poster board in the upright position.

You will need to take a small trip to the local home repair store to purchase a few items of wood and a couple of screws or nails to hold the wood in place. You will also need to purchase a small wooden dowel that will need to measure approximately 1 and ½ feet in length. The dowel should measure ½ inch in diameter. You will also need to have a small thin portion of wood in 2 inches in width and will need to be 14 inches in length. You will need to purchase a small block of wood that is 6 inches in length and 4 inches in width.

The next step is to drill a hole that measures ½ inch in diameter directly in the middle of the block To do this measure to the center exactly 3 inches across and also 2 inches in the sides as well. Once you have drilled a hole you will need to place the dowel in the hole. You will then need to glue the dowel into the hole. This will allow the dowel to remain sturdy when pressure is applied to the poster board.

Next you will need to attach the long piece of wood which will need to be screwed into the dowel. Make sure that you use a small enough screw that will not split the dowel in half. You can use 3 small nail brads if you wish instead of screws. Just place them into the dowel and then stand it up. You will want to leave approximately one inch in height and then once you have done this you will want to paint it.

You will need to have a small pint of paint in the color that you choose to paint the poster board stand. I would recommend purchasing white paint as most cases the poster board is white. When you paint the poster board stand make sure that you place it on a newspaper before starting to paint so you do not damage anything that you are working on. Paint the dowel and the wood length as well as the base of the poster board stand. Once you have finished painting it then allow it to dry completely for one day.


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