How To Build a Ship in a Bottle

Do you have your eye upon a ship that you wish to put in a bottle and you're not sure how to do it?  Well have no fear, this little article will help you achieve your goal.  The first thing you will have to do is decide which ship you want to make.  You will want to stay simple, until you get the hang of the art.  Once you have that decided, it’s time to get started on the hard part.  Get your bottle, you need to find one that has a flat bottom and it needs to be clear and hand blown.

The thing to remember now is that you need to work slow and methodical.  The material you choose will make or break you when you are making a ship in a bottle.  You can decide to either build your ship outside the bottle or work slower and actually build the ship inside the bottle using tweezers and other small things.  Working outside the ship has more possibilities. You can work quicker for one, but the best part is, you can make your ship fold in on itself.  That is how you'll end up getting the ship inside the bottle.  

Now that you have all your materials, create your scenery.  As well as scenery, you will need to make a stand so that your boat will be able to remain upright at all times inside the bottle.  As for the scenery, adding a little waves and some sand might go a long way to make your ship in a bottle look extremely professional.  It is now time to create your ship, do not glue anything together yet.  Just set up your sails and such with pulleys so that the sails can go up when its finally inside your bottle.

Finally, work from the bottom and go upwards with your ship.  Use your patience and remember that your ship will unfold once it’s in the bottle.  This is the secret to building a ship in the bottle.  You will build it outside of the bottle then transfer it inside piece by piece.  Once you have the ship inside you can now pull your sails up and tie them off so they won't fall back down.  Make sure you have your ship in perfect condition, make sure each part of the ship is in place as well as on its stand. 

Once it's perfect, you can place the cork at the end of the bottle and set your ship in a bottle up for display.  Remember while you build your ship you do need to take your time, and use your glue sparingly.  You do not want to over glue so that it would take hours for it to dry.  Practice patience and it will go a long way.


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