How To Build a Slatted Bench

When creating a slatted bench for a garden or any other location you wish to put a bench, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will want to purchase a stain that is waterproof due to the fact that this bench is going to be kept out in the open where a number of weather factors will affect the wood. Once you have decided on which stain you want to purchase you will also want to consider the area that you are going to place this bench. Is the location that you are putting the bench under a tree and if so, then you have the issue as well with sap and such from the trees getting on your bench? You will need to purchase a product that will remove these items when periodically cleaning your bench, that will not remove your stain. Below you will be given the instructions on building your bench, however what you use to clean it with and preserve your slatted bench is up to you.

In the first step you are going to need to go to your local home repair center where you will need to purchase a number of different materials. These materials will range from the lumber to the screws and the stain. Once you get to the lumber department you are going to need to purchase the following pieces of wood.

6- 2’ Long 1x4 inch Cedar Boards.
8- 4’  Long 2x4

2- 2x 1’8” long plywood.
Drywall screws
Paint or stain.

Once you have the pieces of lumber you will need to build a frame. To do this you will take a 2x4 that measures 2’ in length and then use another 2x4 that will measure 1 foot and 8 inches. This will allow for the bench to be exactly 2 feet wide. Once you have these boards set up, then you will need to screw them together. Once you have placed the screws into them you will need to use 4 2x4’s that are 2 feet in length. Once you have these, you will then need to screw them into the frame that you just built. These will be the legs of your bench. Once you have this done and can stand it up you will then add the slats to your slatted bench.

Take the cedar boards that measure 2 feet in length and spacing them equally apart on your bench attach them. Once you have them spread out on top of the bench and you have done this equally you will want to screw them into place. Once you have done this you will need to attach the plywood on the sides of the bench. You will need to have 2 pieces of plywood that measures 2 feet in width and 1 foot 8 inches in height. Once you have this you will want to screw it into place on both ends of the slatted bench. Then you will simply add the stain or paint of your choice and this completes the slatted bench.


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