How To Build a Solar-Powered Toy Car

Solar toy

Have you ever dreamed of building your own solar powered toy car?  I am sure many of us would have thought about it and forgot. Making a solar car is not the easiest thing to do, but it is definitely better than buying a new toy car. The method which I am going to discuss is quite simple and easy.

Things required:

  • A solar panel (10*6) cm
  • A DC motor - 2V, 145mA
  • Motor clip
  • Tires and supporters form old toys.
  • Empty water bottle
  • Some super glue
  • Two small gears (One must have a bigger diameter than the other.)
  • Rubber band

Making the car engine

The car engine is the toy’s motor. The motor must have two long wires. One wire is for the positive and the other one is for the negative connection.  Place the motor in the motor clip. Fix the small gear to the motor's shaft. Place the rubber band around the large gear and the small gear. The rubber band must be firm around the gears. It should not be sagging. Use a smaller band if it sags. Turn the motor shaft and see if the gears are rotating. It can also be checked by using a 2 Volt battery. If you have an old toy car, use those front wheels to attach it to the gear system. If the gears are rotating, then it is time for fixing the engine to the plastic bottle.

Fixing the car engine

Glue the engine to the narrow end of the bottle. Drill a small hole in the bottle. Pull the two wires through the hole. The wires should be long enough to reach the other end of the bottle.

Connecting the solar panel

The two wires should be brought to the other side of the bottle. Fix the solar panel with some glue or you can mount it using a small stand. The stand depends on your choice. Connect the positive wire to the positive terminal of the solar panel. The same process must be done for the negative.

Fixing the rear wheels

The rear wheels are simple and easy to make. Two wheels are needed. The wheels can be attached to a small metal rod or to a pencil. If you have an old toy car, use those rear wheels. Fix the rear wheel setup with some glue. The rear wheels must be on the same side of the engine.

Race with you solar powered car!

The car is all set for racing with your friends. The solar power depends on the intensity of the sunlight. The solar powered car runs at its best, when the temperature is around 90 degrees. Add another solar panel if more power is needed.


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