How To Build a Swing Set

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Children love to spend time outside, and since television has become so popular and video games have taken over the industry, we should encourage our children to spend as much time outside as possible. To do this, you should build them a outdoor swing set.

You will need to have purchased a 12 foot long 1x6 foot pressure treated piece of wood, you will need to cut this piece of lumber in two equal parts making both pieces 6 feet long. This will be your stabilizer between the upright legs.

You will then need to prepare the main beam which is 12 foot long 4x4. You will need to place 8 drill holes in the beam and these bolts should be 17 inches from the ends and be equally spaced to 17 inches apart. Once you have done this, you will place the eyebolts into these holes.

With the upright supports that will measure 10 feet 4x4 beams that will need to have 2 drill holes in each upright beam and in the side of what is referred to as the main beam. These holes will be the places that you will place the steel braces to each one of the side support beams. To draw a line on the wood where you will need to place the drill holes lay the steel braces on the wood and draw the line to place your holes.

You will need to place the eyebolts in where you will install the swings. The 8 eyebolts will need to be 6 inches in height, make sure that you have placed the eye of the bolt on the bottom to ensure that this is where your swing will be. Make sure that you put a washer on prior to placing the bolt on to prevent the eyebolt being pulled into the main beam. Make sure to allow the nuts to be tightened prior to placing the main beam in the air as it is easier to install it on the ground.

Place 2 of the upright support legs on the ground and with a 45 degree angle between them and then place a steel trapezoid bracket on the leg ends where you will want to adjust them to prevent any from hanging over. Use a number of 3 inch nails to fasten the bracket to the ends of the legs. You will need to flip the upright beams over and repeat the same steps. Place the piece of wood that measures 6 foot long by 1x4 inches over the upright beams and attach to the upright beams as well. Place the 3 inch nails into the board to attach the board to the upright side beams. Once you have done this, repeat these steps for the other side of the swing set.

With the two holes that have not got any eyebolts in, place a bolt in to support a steel brace using 2 of the 6 inch bolts from the earlier step. Make sure that you use the washer as before to keep it from being pulled into the wood. Repeat the step on the other side as well.

Place a bolt at the other end to attach the side supports to the main beam of the supports that you worked on earlier. Once you have done this use 2- 6 inch bolts to attach the legs with a washer and nut. Repeat for the other side.

You will then want to stand the swing set up and attach a S hook to the eyebolts that were placed into the beam earlier on and hang the swings from the S hook and once the swings are in place, tighten the S hook with a pliers to close the top and bottoms of the S. Once you have done this you have finished the swing set.


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