How To Build a Sword Force Shielder in Cabal

Cabal is an online game that is free to play. This game falls into the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) category and commonly in these types of games the player has to gain experience and gold. The Sword Force Shielder character in Cabal is one of the three types of Force Shielders in the game. You can level up the Sword Force Shielder’s experience by going on quests, going in dungeons, and destroying monsters. Below are some facts on how to build a Sword Force Shielder in Cabal. 

Pros and Cons of a Sword Force Shielder
If you decide on building a Sword Force Shielder over the other types of Force Shielders you have to know some of the pros and cons about this type of character. The advantages of the Sword Force Shielder character are that you can go solo on quests, dungeons and monster hunts. In a group situation your character will be an integral member since it has great defensive skills and a good “AoE” (Area of Effect) skill that is useful against attacking mobs. The disadvantage of building a Sword Force Shielder is that he won’t be a versatile warrior like the other Force Shielder types. He won’t do very well in “PvP” (Player versus Player) situations because he won’t have great ranged attacks and his DPS (Damage Per Second) is not as high as the other types of Force Shielders. 

Sword Force Shielder Skills
There are various skills a Sword Force Shielder can earn throughout the game play. The skill will come with a price though, you either need to successfully complete a requirement or purchase it when you are able. The Shield Splinter is a type of sword attack skill that turns the shield into a spinning astral shield with the sword blades. The Shield Explosion is knockdown skill that you can use against mobs around you. The Blade of judgment is the only stun skill available to your type of character. The Shield Break is a good skill you can acquire because you can cause a lot of damage to opponents. The Shield Ray is a range attack skill that you can use on opponents from a distance. The Guillotine is skill you can use to knockdown opponents who approach you. If you want a similar skill like Guillotine but with a longer range then you can acquire the Earth Divide skill. The Shield Charge allows you to charge your opponent and hit them but you need to have the right amount of distance to effectively use this skill. A couple of movement skills you can use to evade opponents are the Dash and Fadestep skills.

There are other types of skills your Sword Force Shielder can earn in Cabal so explore each skill to find the right combination that would make him effective in various situations.


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