How To Build a Table with Removable Legs

This article will teach the average person how they can build a table in which they can remove the legs.  It's so easy, just about anybody can build it.  First off, you will want to make a trip to your local home improvement store for an unfinished table top.  They are available in many sizes as well as shapes.  Either one is good, it just depends on which you prefer.  Also, you will want to purchase legs for your table.  They will need to have screws, not pegs.  Screws are easily removed.  Pegs are not so easy to remove.  You will want to make sure the design on the legs match the table top.

You will need to add stain to your shopping list.  Choose a nice color, preferable one which will match the rest of the wood trim in your home.  Once you get everything home, you will need a set of saw horses, outside, in which you can lie your table top on, and you can begin the staining process.  Apply the stain in thin even coats. You will stop when it is the color you desire.  Remember, the more coats of stain that you have, the deeper the color.   It is important to allow it to dry before applying another coat.  When it dries, you will carefully turn it over and apply another very thin coat.   Repeat the same process over until you have the desired color.  Net, you will apply coats of stain to the legs.  Repeating the same process until your legs match your top.  After all the stain has been applied, you should probably apply a clear coat.  This will prevent chips in your stain, and overall protect it.  Clear coat will also give it a nice shine.

Next is the last step, applying the legs.  You will need a drill to do this job the easy way.  Take your drill bit and make a hole that is a great deal smaller than the screw in which you will be using.  You can always make a hole bigger, but you can never make it smaller.  Next step is to screw the legs on.  Make sure they are tight.  They need to be tight, but also they will remove easily.

Having removable legs will not take up so much room when storing the table.  Another reason you may want removable legs is because, maybe your table will not fit around the tight corners of your home when you bring it inside for the first time.  For this reason, you will want to install the legs after it is in the desired room of your home.  I hope you will be very proud of your table that you just finished all by yourself.


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