How To Build a Toddler Bed Frame

By the time your little one enters toddlerhood, chances are, he or she is already attempting to jump out of the crib and join you in your slumber.  In order to keep your toddler safe and also maintain control in the household, it’s time to introduce your little one to a toddler bed.  Because your little one goes from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a twin sized bed rather quickly, it’s best to save a few dollars and build a beautiful toddler bed on your own.  Best of all, you can have your toddler be part of the experience and let him or her choose the colors.

To begin building the base of the frame, you will need two 2-by-4s.  Using a circular saw, cut two 4-foot-5-inch pieces.  Next, cut three 2-foot-2-inch sections out of two more 2-by-4s.  Two of the boards will be used for the frame, while the other one will serve as the support beam.  You will now need to cut the legs for the toddler bed using a 4x4.  Cut four 5-inch pieces of wood to do this.

To make the top of your toddler bed frame, you will need a sheet of plywood.  Make sure the plywood is 5x5 and finished in a high quality smooth finish.  Cut the top of the plywood so that it measures 2x5 inches, and the bottom should measure 4x5 inches.  Now that all your pieces are complete, you will need to sand all the edges to make sure they are smooth and even.  To make your toddler bed frame your own, choose a stain or paint color.  Apply several coats and allow to dry.

It is now time to put your toddler bed frame together.  To begin, place the two 4-foot-5-inch boards parallel to one another, about 2-feet-3-inches apart.  Then use the two 2x2 pieces of wood to make a rectangular shape, joining the larger boards together.  To secure them, drill in 3 screws on all four corners, making sure that you drive the screws into the longer boards and then into the shorter ones.

To attach the support beam, take the last 2x2 and insert it into the frame so that it lies perpendicular to the longer sides of the frame.  Secure both ends of the support beam by drilling two holes into the long sides of the frame.  Voila!  You should now be completed with your bed frame!

To add the legs, screw two nails into each leg and into the bed frame.  Turn the toddler bed over so that it stands on the legs and make sure that it is sturdy.  Now add the plywood to the frame so that it fits properly.  Secure it by screwing it into the edges of the toddler bed frame and support beam.  Complete your toddler bed frame by purchasing a toddler-sized mattress and themed sheets.


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