How To Build a Velcro Display Board

Velcro display

If you work as a Sunday School teacher or a teacher in a preschool, it sometimes is helpful to have a Velcro display board handy to apply a Velcro word or picture to help teach the children a lesson.

You will need to visit the local craft store where you will need to purchase a number of different materials to prepare the Velcro display board. The first material you are going to need is a corkboard which will need to measure 3 foot by 2 foot. This will allow for a decent amount of space to work with. Once you have purchased the corkboard, you will need to then purchase a fabric with a thin layer of padding. The padding will need to be placed underneath the fabric to give it a little bit of padding for sticking items on the board. You will also need to purchase the Velcro that will be used to attach the items to the board. Once you have done this you will need to prepare the corkboard.

Once you have arrived home from the craft store set down to cover the cork board with the padding first. Place a number of staples into the padding to hold it in place and once you have done this retrieve the fabric and wrap around the corkboard and attach with staples to hold into place.

The next step is to retrieve the fabric pieces that you wish to attach to the Velcro display board and place a number of Velcro pieces on the backs of the images. Once you have done this cut the tip off from the fabric glue. The fabric glue will be used to hold the Velcro in place on the fabric images and on the Velcro display board. Once you have done this, you will need to allow the glue to dry completely before placing any heavy objects on the board.

You will need to place a wire on the back of the board to attach a support wire that will allow the Velcro display board to be hung on the wall. Once you have placed the wire on the back you will want to place some decorative fabric or border around the edges of the Velcro display board to make it more decorative.

Always make sure that the wire on the back is secure and in place prior to placing anything heavy on the display board due to if the Velcro display board happens to fall to the ground, anything worth any money on the board could break. The cork board could break if it hits the ground just right since cork board is not a sturdy object and most of the time they will break when dropped just right.


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