How To Build a Wooden Dollhouse

Wooden dollhouses are timeless.  Building a wooden dollhouse can serve as a hobby or skill-building exercise, and the finished product can be used as a valued collectible or a cherished toy.  The appeal to building a wooden dollhouse is that you can make it your own.  You choose the overall design and décor of the dollhouse, while adding to it over time.  It’s a wonderful way to let your imagination soar and build whatever it is that comes to mind.

To get started building a wooden dollhouse, you will first need to draw a diagram or blueprint of what you want your house to look like.  You want your diagram to be drawn to scale, so consider whether you want your wooden dollhouse to be a small or large project.  Also make the base for your dollhouse if you are going to use one.

Next, you need to cut out the pieces to build the dollhouse with.  Use balsa wood, as this is a highly durable wood, but is thin and easy to cut through.  Cut out the main parts of the dollhouse using a metal straightedge.  Your parts should include a roof, walls, floors, and room dividers, as well as any other pieces you will be using.

If you are going to cut out your own windows and door frames, do so by etching these cutouts into the wood.  To help you cut out the shapes accurately, trace the pieces you will be cutting.  This will make it easier to cut through the balsa wood and keep your pieces the right scale.  Once all of your wooden pieces are cut out, the fun begins.

Lay all of your pieces out and spray them using a sealant.  The sealant will protect the wood from softening or warping from the paint.  After spraying the sealant, begin painting the walls the color you want.  Add all the outside details at this time, including the texture of the roof, windows, doors, and shutters.

Once the paint is dry, you can add wallpaper to the inside walls.  Simply trace the size of the wall onto the wallpaper that you want to use.  You can then glue the wallpaper onto the inner walls using a wood or craft glue.  Also do the same for the floors; use cutouts of different textured floors or leave them as is.

When all the pieces are completed, you are ready to glue the wooden dollhouse together.  Begin with the inside pieces of the dollhouse, including the walls, floors and room dividers.  Make sure that all of the pieces are even with one another so that the frame of the wooden dollhouse will not look crooked.  Allow several hours for the glue to dry.

Now that you have built your wooden dollhouse, choose to furnish the inside or outside using collectibles.


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