How To Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

The Yu-Gi-Oh duel monsters card game was based on the Japanese manga, which featured the same type of game. The card game had to be tweaked so it can be played in the real world with some consistency because the fictional game had to change with the plot. The card game became so popular that children and adults alike now compete with one another in tournaments. Cash prizes are given to winners, and sometimes you only get to take home a trophy, but the players don’t really care much for the prize just as long as they come out on top at the end of every competition. To get an edge over your opponent you must have a card deck that can handle any situation. Learning to build a Yu-Gi-Oh deck may be complicated when you’re just starting out, but there are some cards you need to have in your deck that will help you survive if not win against an opponent. Below are some tips you can follow to build your Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

Review the cards you have.
Take a look at the cards that you already have and take note of the strength and weaknesses of each card. Assess the cards and figure out which cards you should have in your deck. If you do not have the cards you need, you can purchase a starter pack and a few staple cards mostly played by professionals.

What your deck should always have
Sure you can put in all your strongest cards in one deck but that doesn’t guarantee that you will win. Most often it doesn’t come down to who has the strongest cards in a deck but what kind of cards you have that can handle any situation and increase your chances of winning.

There are cards that any Yu-Gi-Oh deck can’t do without and these are:

  • Traps – your deck should contain this type of card and examples of these are Bottomless Trap hole, Call of the haunted, Sakuretsu Armor and Torrential Tribute.
  • Magic or Spell – this type of card is essential in your Yu-Gi-Oh deck; examples of these are Hammer Shot, Heavy Storm, Mystic Space Typhoon, Fissure, Pot of Avarice and Last Will.
  • Monsters - there are monster cards that can do a lot of damage right away, cast a counter spell and there are weak monster cards that can still do damage to your opponent’s card. Examples of these monster cards are Cyber Dragon, Spirit Reaper, Exiled Force, and Breaker the Magical Warrior.

The key to building a good Yu-Gi-Oh deck is to keep practicing and observe the effect your card has against a specific card from your opponent. Every situation you get into will be different so pay close attention to the game. 


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