How To Build Aircraft Carrier Models

The aircraft carrier is the greatest naval weapon that the United States Armed Forces has in times of war. It’s literally a floating air base that allows the best fighter pilots in the world to take on missions to attack key targets and hold reconnaissance flights virtually anywhere in the world. Aircraft carriers have certainly captured the imagination of a lot of people, since they combine various feats of engineering that were thought to be impossible to execute in earlier times.

Model hobbyists consider the aircraft carrier as one of the hot items to add to any collection. The aircraft carrier is such a big vessel that it certainly eclipses the size and the complexity of any other model in the market. If it is made in the usual 1:256 scale, it would certainly dwarf just about any sea-worthy ship or model airplane. Here’s how you can build your own model aircraft carrier.

Construction kits. You can buy an aircraft carrier construction kit from most model stores or hobby shops. There are even hobby shops that specialize in these kinds of model kits. Kits usually involve models made out of wood, and come with very detailed instructions on how the model aircraft carrier is to be put together. Oftentimes, these packages also come with the necessary dull silver or pewter paint that would serve as the model’s finish. These aircraft carriers are also labeled according to the name of the carriers they depict (which are usually names of states and past US presidents). Some construction kits would also include an aircraft carrier’s escort vessels, such as destroyers, battleships, and the like. Most would include some aircraft that you can park on the deck or runway.

Build your own. You can also create your own stencil and pattern, if you are already quite experienced with working with models. The basic and lightweight types of balsa wood are readily available from hardware stores and hobby shops, and there are plenty of websites that have the design and actual dimensions of the aircraft carrier built to model scale. By basing it on these resources, it would be very easy to have detailed recreation of any aircraft carrier, as well as the rest of the carrier battle group.

When making a naval carrier or a hornet carrier, it would be very important to be watchful for details. Your model carrier’s paint job would certainly be the most important part when it comes to the final look of the model. Make sure that you get the highest quality paints for the models to ensure that the finish gives off the robust and strong feel that any aircraft carrier should exude.

Meanwhile, the little details such as the red, white and blue stripes and the actual fighter jets parked idly on top of the carrier deck would be great accents to show how much work actually went into the construction of the project.

An aircraft carrier model is certainly a project of a gargantuan scale, but if one executes it flawlessly, it can potentially be a show-stopping display piece that would be the focus of any model collection.


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