How To Build an Acoustic Bass Guitar

This article teaches you everything you will ever need to know to build your very own bass guitar. The first thing you will need to do is go shopping for a few items which you will need.
On your list should be an unfinished guitar neck and body. The hardware needed for a bass. Frets, super glue, a pick guard, a router, sandpaper, stain, or color of your choice, and a clear coat lacquer. And then of course, you will need guitar strings.
You will be able to find semi finished bass guitars from a professional guitar shop. This is much easier than making your own out of wood, yet you still get to claim the credit of building your own. Drill the four holes in which the keys to tune the guitar on the top of the neck. You will want to cut out the covering for the neck, making sure to line up the holes in which your keys go. With a small router, make grooves around the place for the keys.
Next step is to stain the neck and head of the guitar. A lighter color usually works best. Then you will want to cover it with a clear, water proof lacquer. Make sure it all dries before you proceed any farther. After it has dried, you will take your lathe, and cut the truss rod channel on the neck. Keep in mind the thickness of bass strings and how this will be affected.

Place the truss rod in the channel. You can decide whether you glue it or not. You will spray silicone spray down inside the channel. This way it will not rattle around. Next lay a piece of tape over the truss rod. This way it will not get glue on it when you lie down the fingerboard. Install the fingerboard on the neck of the guitar. Use super glue to hold it into place. Next, run your fingers down the sides to make sure that it is very smooth. You should use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas.
Install the frets, placing super glue down first, then press them into place. The next thing you are going to do is to paint or stain the body. After the paint has dried thoroughly, you will need a clear coat of lacquer. You will want to be sure it dries completely before attaching the bridge to the body. If you are using a pick guard, now is the time to install it. Next, you can put it all together by attaching the neck to the body. Use super glue to hold it into place. After all this is done, install your strings, and tune it. And now you can enjoy what you have accomplished.


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