How To Build an Archery Target Stand Using PVC

One can take the design of an archery target stand using a portable or permanent approach.  Using PVC will offer you a little creativity in that design. The instructions included here are designs for a permanent stand.

Required Materials

A   2   - 3" Elbow PVC Fitting
B   4   - 3" x 2" Reducer Bushing
C   2   - 2" x 2" x 2" Elbow
D   4   - 2" 45° Street-elbow PVC Fitting
E   2   - 3" Tee PVC Pipe Fittings
F   2   - 3" x 4’ PVC pipe
G   2   - 3" x 1’ PVC pipe
H   3   - 2" x 4’ PVC pipe
I     2   - 2" x 5’ PVC pipe
J    2   - ½” x 3” Eyebolt
K   2   - 1/2" Flat Washers
L    2   - 1/2" Wing Nuts

Tape measure, magic marker, PVC pipe primer, PVC pipe glue, saw, drill, and a ½” drill bit.
Piece together before gluing.

Building the Left and Right Side of the Base
First, fit one end of item “G’ into item “E”.  Second, fit one end of item "F" into the opposite end of item "E".  Third, fit item "A" onto the other end of item "F" so item "A" is pointing up in the same direction as item "E".  Fourth, fit 1 piece of item "D" into remaining opening on item "A" with the 45° is pointing towards item "E".  And fifth, repeat this with remaining items "A, D, E, F and G".

Building the Left and Right Supports

First, fit 1 piece item "B" into each of item "E".  Second, fit 1 piece item "H" into item "B".  Third, fit 1 piece item "C" on top of item "H" with the 90° side outlet pointing towards item "F".  Fourth, fit 1 piece item "D" into the 90° pointing side outlet so the 45° is pointing towards item "F".  Fifth, carefully measure from item "D" on the support to item "D" on the base part and carefully cut to length 1 piece item "I".  Sixth, remove item "D" from the base (item "A") and fit the newly cut piece of item "I" into item "D".  And seventh, replace item "D" back into item "A".

Repeat with remaining items "B, C, H and I".

Connecting the Left and Right Sides
Step one, fit item "H" into item "C" on each side.

Glue Together
Taking a marker, mark where each of the joints come together.  Clean each inner and outer section of pipe or fitting with PVC primer.  Apply glue to each clean area, fitting the pieces together carefully, and aligning the mark you applied with the marker.  Do this until all pieces have been glued together.

Attaching Target
From the top support (item ‘H’) that connects the two sides, measure in 6 inches from each side and drill (2) ½” holes through the piece of pipe.  Insert items “J” up through the holes, place item “K” on before item “L”.  Tighten item “L” until snug.


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