How To Build an Artifact Deck in Magic

Magic: The Gathering is a highly complex card game that involves a large set of cards and plenty of rules that will allow planes walkers or wizards to battle it out in person, with the use of actual Magic cards, or through the web. Introduced over a decade ago, the game is still very popular with up to six million players and enthusiasts all over the world. One of the tricks that you should learn is how to build artifact decks. Here’s how.

Create your mana base. This can be done by using four of Uzra’s tower, four power plant, and four mines. Add another eight random mana lands that are colorless. Keep in mind that the artifact deck is very popular because of the fact that it is the deck that is not limited by color. To add extra mana points, you need generators. Generators are particularly important since artifacts need plenty of mana. Some of the card choices that you can use are the Grim Monolith, the Sol Ring, the Worn Powerstone, and the Metalworker. You should have at least four to ten accelerators for your mana.

Combos. One way to spice up the artifact is by adding in a combo. The combo can be very useful if you have the right card combinations. If you decide on adding combos, however, be sure that you do not use four copies of a single card, which will use up all of your deck space. This will prevent you from adding in random article elements in your artifact deck.

Assemble the combo pieces
. In the actual game, you have to pick a strategy that will allow you to destroy land that belongs to opponent planeswalkers. You can do this by making a limitless supply of man through the use of the Magma Mine. You can also use the Rocket Launcher to multiply your mana. The Kormus Bell and the Rod of Ruin will also help to eliminate land. For combo cards, the best way to get a good draw is by using four combo cards in a deck that will dramatically increase your chances of getting the combination that you need.

Throw in pricey pieces. One of the advantages with using the invisible artifact deck is that it allows you to use various expensive artifacts that will normally be too costly to use. Throw this into the deck so that you will have the chance to use them without paying for the activation. Some of the cards that you can use are the Colossus of Sardia, Temporal Aperture, and Alladin’s Ring.

Add defense artifacts. The Magic is also a defense game that will require strategies. Protect yourself against threats by adding one defense artifact against possible weaknesses. For instance, you can use the Reflecting Mirror to deflect direct damage. You can use the Ensnaring Bridge to minimize attacks, or use the Scarecrow artifact to add protection against flying creatures.

When you finally get 60 cards, shuffle the deck and play. You may not win each and every time, but you will be able to make interesting moves and be able to defend yourself using some of the cool artifacts in the game.


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