How To Build Kid Spy Gadgets

Boy with binoculars

Let's face it, what kid hasn't dreamed of being a spy, pretending to spy on their little brother or their neighbor's kids? Well they won't have to pretend anymore with these simple homemade spy gadgets, with items you can find around the house and won't cost you a dime, so your little spy can get started.
No spy can go without an identification card, so here is a simple idea to make your little one feel like a real secret agent. With your computer and printer create a card that is approximately the same size as your ID, place a photo of your child in the corner and with block texts fill in a name of your child's choice, something silly such as "Agent tiptoe" at 271 Iseeyou Lane. Then make a square in the lower corner for your child’s fingerprint using an ink pad or a small amount of paint. If you are able to laminate it , it would make it last much longer, clear packing tape will work also.

And what would a good spy be without the ability to send secret messages to their fellow agents? If you have some lemons, a toothpick, and a heat source you will have a recipe for Invisible Ink. In a small bottle with a top fill with lemon juice and secure it tightly. Place a toothpick on the bottle with a rubberband, when ready to write your message remove the toothpick, dip in the lemon juice and start to write then instruct the other spies to hold the message over a light bulb or under a hairdryer to reveal your secret.
A good spy will also need to investigate who has been in their room or who has been snooping so they will need some fingerprint powder to dust for fingerprints all you will need is black chalk and baking powder. With equal parts of the baking powder and ground up black chalk, put your mixture in a small jar or container, with an old cosmetics brush, or even a cotton ball, you're ready to dust for prints, dab your mixture on the suspected print then blow off excess powder from the surface, with clear tape, place over your print and lift, You're now ready to identify the culprit.
Where would a spy hide all of their secret stuff but in a book of course. With an old hardcover book open about a third of the way through and lay flat, have your parent cut through with an exacto knife or razor blade in a rectangle, do not cut all the way through. You now have a place for your Agent ID, spy tools and your secret stash, now you can hide it in a place of your choice or simply on your bookshelf, no one will look there.


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