How To Build Model Car Parts

Building model cars is a hobby that both children and adults enjoy. Assembling small car parts to get it to look like the real thing is the objective of most model car enthusiasts. A lot of attention to detail goes into building the model car so it will have the same features found on the real car. Most of the parts you need to build the model car are included in model car kits, but sometimes there are these little parts missing from the kit. You can make your own parts for the model cars to fill the missing detail or maybe enhance the model car’s look. Make your own license plates, tires, hood ornament, or car seats out of various materials.

  1. Available materials. You can use an array of materials that you can find lying around your home. Find recyclable materials like cardboard, soda cans, and plastic containers. Go through old model kit boxes and check if there are spare parts left over from previous projects. Most of the time there are extra parts that you can use for other projects.
  2. Materials you can purchase. There are building materials you can purchase to make parts for model cars like balsa wood and plastic resin. Balsa wood is easy to work with because it is a soft material and you can easily shape it any way you want. You can use a hobby knife to cut through the material and use fine grade sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. You can make bumpers out of balsa wood. Carefully measure the width of the front and rear ends of the car and create the shape you want for the model car. Sand the wood until it is smooth then prime it for painting.  Paint it with the same color on the car or go with a different one. Plastic resin is just as easy to use to make parts for model cars. You can make an accurate reproduction of another model car’s part by making a clay mold of the part. You can pour the plastic resin into the mold and take it out once the material has set. Smooth out the texture and then paint the model part.
  3. Aluminum and leather. You can use the aluminum material from soda cans and the leather material from old leather bags or wallets. The aluminum can be used for various parts like a license plate. Take the measurements for the license plate and draw it on the aluminum and then cut with scissors. The leather you find on old wallets or bags can be used as seat covers. You can wrap them around foam and sew them together.

With the material you find at home and the ones you can purchase from hobby stores is enough to make parts for model cars. The possibilities are endless and with enough creativity you can replicate any type of car you want.


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