How To Build Toddler Bed Rails

Your toddler will remain safe and sound with the help of toddler bed rails. These toddler bed rails can be easily available in brick and mortar stores. But if you want a personal touch to it and be assured of higher quality, you can choose to make your own set of toddler bed rails. Here are the steps in building toddler bed rails:

  1. Carefully choose your wood. You need to choose that is not toxic, durable and able to withstand moisture (in case of messy periods with your toddler at bedtime). Get wood that has a very smooth appearance. Keep it blister-free, as this can be very harmful to your toddler.
  2. Construct your bed rails from the wood with wood pieces of equal length and thickness. Your bed rails need to be with equal thicknesses and length. A length of about 2 feet is sufficient for the height of the rails. Consequently use 1/3 of that for the thickness.
  3. Get a board to serve as base for the bed rails. Your rails will not stand if you do not have the base board to anchor it with. Your board must be more or less made of the same material and has an inch margin from the usual size of your toddler bed rail pieces.
  4. Mark the base board with the placement of your previously cut wood pieces. Using graphite pencil or other marking object, mark the positioning of your bed rails. Place in the toddler rails to the base and evenly space them together. Make adjustments if you have to in this stage since you are just marking them off with the pencil.
  5. Attach the pieces to the board together with a nail. Use nails and hammer to attach the pieces. In this step, be very careful to keep things trim. Make sure that there are no hanging nail edges that will endanger your toddler. Use as little nails as possible so as not to run the risk of having too many sharp objects on the rails.
  6. Sand your rails. Once established as a whole unit, sand your rails accordingly to remove any imperfections and prepare it to have a very polished appearance. Your rails need to be rough enough to be held on to, but don't over-sand the rails so as to remove the essential core elements of the wood.
  7. Paint your rails. Coat the rails and the base with paint and let it dry fully before using it. Make sure to choose non-toxic paint so as not to intoxicate your toddler.
  8. Test it with the dimensions of its position in your toddler's room. If at all possible, test the dimensions from time to time, even way before you will attach the elements together. This way, you will be able to repair any underestimations in the sizes.

Part of baby care is making sure that you are able to provide the best amenities. Having the right toddler bed rails that matches your toddler's room, height and needs is a good way to ensure safety for play and rest.


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