How To Build Wall Shelves Out of Drawers

Your drawers can serve more than just a single purpose if you want it to be that way. Building wall shelves out of drawers is a good way to maximize your furniture and give it an appealing color. Here are the steps in building wall shelves out of drawers:

  1. Check the dimensions of your wall and your drawers. The very first step you need to consider is to inspect the dimensions of your wall. Get a trustworthy tape measure or ruler and directly capture the height and width of your walls. This will aid you in the succeeding steps.
  2. Strategize your wall design. Get a marker and mark the ideal spots where you want to have wall shelves installed. Use a temporary marker as this can be changed later on when you consider the actual size and shape of the drawers you will be installing.
  3. Pick your drawers. Select a drawer that has a very uniform shape and closely resembles the typical wall shelves you see in magazines. If you are more daring and want to accommodate irregularly shaped designs, you can do so but at the risk of maximizing space. Make sure that they fit the originally marked ideal spots and wall dimensions you have measured previously.
  4. Decorate your drawers. Paint your drawers with whatever design scheme you believe to be effective for your needs. Do the decorating while it is detached from the wall so that there will be ease of movement. At this stage, it is good if you are able to find paint colors that already match your existing wall color.
  5. Attach your drawers to the wall using bolts. Use bolts to properly attach the corners and sides of the drawers to the wall. Select the best grade of screws and attaching mechanisms that you can find. Don’t forget to check the capacity of the bolts.
  6. Provide a seamless look to the drawers and the wall. At this stage, you need to make the theme of the wall perfectly match the theme of your drawers. You might need to change colors, do some repainting of the wall or the drawer to create a seamless look. As much as possible, make it look more natural.
  7. Evaluate the overall layout of your wall and drawers. Take pictures of your wall and drawers from different perspectives and let it hibernate for a few days. Get back to it after a few days and check if it possesses the appeal and effect that you want. Also, get feedback from friends who can tell you what they think of the overall layout and give additional insight. 

You can choose to get wall shelves that can be folded or pulled in when not in use so that you can maximize space. However, the permanently attached wall drawers remain to be the perfect choice for this project because they have more durability. It is also best to start out small and venture into bigger drawers when you are more confident.


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