How To Build Your Band's Electronic Press Kit

The power of the Internet and social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube have totally revolutionized how bands communicate with their following, the media or press, and even the music labels. Successful artists/musicians like Jason Mraz and John Mayer leveraged this new medium to bring their music to the world. A lot of bands are already following suit by creating electronic or digital press kits by way of social media profiles, fan pages, online videos, and even websites. The conventional press kit, which contained demos, photos, and other detailed information about an artist or band, use to be sent by mail to the press and labels to increase the chances of getting more exposure and hopefully, a recording contract. Well, that was the process back then and the digital way is the process now. Here are some tips to build your band’s digital press kit.

  • Set up your band’s website. Websites are cheap and sometimes free nowadays. They are very easy to create, set up, and manage as well. Since websites can be packed with various multimedia, one great way to create an electronic press kit to promote your band to the press and music labels is to create a fancy and stylish website. This site should feature some of your music, whether covers or originals, videos, if possible, and information about the band. The site should allow fans to interact with certain content on the site as well. Linking the website with other social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace will definitely make it easier for the people you want to reach to index and find your website.
  • Upload videos to YouTube. People with talents are getting discovered through YouTube every day. Artists like Marie Digby, Charice, and Boyce Avenue all got their big breaks by constantly uploading videos on YouTube. Eventually, someone big in the music industry saw these videos and gave them the break they deserved. This being said, take advantage of this opportunity and create a profile on YouTube for your band. Upload video content every day and link each video back to your website.
  • Facebook and MySpace. Both Facebook and MySpace offer artists and bands ways to upload and share their music, info, and photos to their other people. Facebook allows you to have your fan page while MySpace gives you a profile you can use to promote your music and your band. Linking these pages to your website and YouTube videos will keep the cycle running and create a constant buzz about your band.
  • Send emails out. All these online marketing efforts won’t amount to anything half of the time unless you augment it with email marketing. Send out emails to PR agencies, the press (online, TV, radio, and newspapers), music labels, music producers, and talent agencies. In the email, introduce your band and give them the links to your website and social media profiles where they can view your videos and listen to your music.

With this effort and the talent that you probably have, you will be able to attract some interest and maybe even a nice press release or better yet, a sweet recording contract with a popular and successful music label.


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