How To Build Your DVD Collection on a Budget

Having a DVD collection need not make a dent in your budget. You might be wondering how you can get an entire DVD collection without having to worry about how it will cost you. The trick is in finding the right places and buying at the right time. Here are the steps in building your DVD collection while on a budget:

  1. Have a money jar for your DVD collection hobby. Your DVD collection can be something that you can set aside in your monthly budget along with your rent and other necessities. Save a fraction of your income each paycheck to serve as budget for your DVD collection hobby. This allocation will keep your from overspending on too expensive DVD’s or having too many purchases.
  2. Check for online discounted DVDs. Websites such as Deep Discount and Worldwide Liquidators are some of the good examples of fantastic DVD finds at discounted prices online. Before buying DVDs at non-sale price, check first if they are available in these discount hubs so that you will be able to spare yourself the trouble of shelling out too much for something which can be available at a much lower price. 
  3. Buy in bulk.  Often there are great deals when you are buying a DVD in bulk than separately. This is already a retailer’s rule of thumb when trying to score a real bargain with items. So as much as you can, buy in bulk. This will also enable you to have an instant collection that you can build on over time.
  4. Check out trusty stores like Wal-Mart and K-mart for bargains. Trusty stores can, from time to time, possess the items that are suitable for your DVD collection. These stores may not exactly be the ideal place for buying DVD’s for most people, but with a good eye you may actually score some pretty good finds.
  5. Keep an eye open for clearance sales. Clearance and garage sales are good ways to get a hold of low-priced DVDs. Don’t be too adamant with the idea of buying a used DVD, as long as it is still in good condition. Used DVDs can also be taken by swapping a title that you want to get rid of.
  6. Join a DVD movie club. Disney Movie Club and Columbia House Movie Club are good groups to join if you are really serious about collecting DVDs for the long-term. They can give good reviews of films and also fabulous discounts for certain purchases.
  7. Diversify your DVD purchases from the very beginning. The key to having a good DVD collection is to diversify your purchases right at the very beginning. This way, you will have a lot of genres already on your first month. You can also choose to concentrate on one genre only but that will limit the extent of your collection.

The key thing to remember about DVD collection is that it does not come overnight. You will really need to spend a lot of time and of course, shell out some well-budgeted cash to keep it updated.


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