How To Build Your Movie and Music Collection

It is really wonderful to have your own movie and music collection. You have something to look forward to after a hard day’s work when you have a well-arranged set of movies and music to check and enjoy at home. Also, it is a very engaging way to make your visitors feel at home and have a topic for conversation during those awkward social moments. Here are the steps in building your own movie and music collection:

  1. Be an avid review reader. Reviews save you the trouble of making a potentially bad purchase. It will help you get to know the movies and music you are trying to get, and see if they are really worth the dime.
  2. Decide on the genre and theme of your collection at the outset. Iti s good and organized to have a particular genre or theme for your music and movie collection. This will help you be able to narrow down your choices. It is very easy to just buy anything from the video store, having realized later that it is not exactly what you had in mind.
  3. Start with old titles. Old titles are much cheaper than new ones, and most of them are already tried and tested.
  4. Prioritize the award winners. The award winning films are often ones that have gained critical approval and vast movie sales. In time, they become classics that double in value especially when its production gets rarer. Getting a hold of the award winners will make for an award winning collection.
  5. Rent or listen first to ultra-new releases before buying. The problem with buying new releases is that they have not yet withstood the test of time with listeners. The good thing to do is to limit your purchase of the ultra-new releases, unless you are sure that it is not just a fad that fades in time.
  6. Consider iTunes and other online tools. ITunes and other online tools help you to buy more songs for less. Online music libraries also help you find hard to acquire titles that will not be easily available in music stores. If you are a fan of the exotic, this is your best bet to having a very palatable playlist.
  7. Organize an event and swap with other movie and music lovers. Organizing events and swapping with other enthusiasts of movie and music will help you broaden your horizons since you will be accessing other people’s opinions who have been in the same quest as yours.

Keep your music and movie collection exciting by constantly updating it. Set aside time and budget specifically for build your collection and it will pay off. It may also help to give yourself time limit or deadline for certain specific goals for your collection to keep things tangible.


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