How To Buy a Bong: Things to Look For When Choosing Your Next Bong

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Did you hear about the oldest bong in the world?

Archaeologists in Russia found golden bongs that date back 2,400 years. While ornate, the golden bongs had a very simple design, using a basic filtration system, with a bowl and stem

Today, advancements in water filtration systems make using water pipes more amazing than ever before. Now, when you buy a bong, you can choose designs that help the smoke cool down, while also filtering out harmful tar and ash.

Yet, if you don’t know the right type of design to suit your lifestyle, your bong could wind up just sitting on a shelf. Instead of suffering from buyer’s remorse, why not learn how to pick the perfect piece to suit your lifestyle? Read on to learn everything you need to know before buying a bong.

Before You Buy a Bong

As you embark on your bong buying journey, you’ll begin to realize there is an endless amount of buying options available. You can find all sorts of amazing bongs for sale online, that come with a variety of detailed options.

The number of choices you have available can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never bought a waterpipe before. Luckily, there are a few choices you can make that will help narrow down your selection significantly.

Here are the 4 things you should know before you buy a bong:

  1. Purpose of Your bong
  2. Material
  3. Glass Thickness
  4. Percolators

Everyone buys bongs for different reasons, how do you envision yourself using your water pipe? Knowing how you'll use it will help you filter out designs that won't serve your purpose.

Purpose of Your Bong

The number of people using your bong, and the frequency of use, should play a part when you're deciding on the size and design of your bong.

Here are a few questions to help you decide on what you’re expecting your bong to do:

  • Novelty or themes
  • Personal sessions
  • Group sharing

Are you looking for a bong that’s mainly for show? If so, you should start shopping for novelty or themed bongs.

Novelty and Themed Bongs

Across the globe, amazing artists create incredibly, and sometimes hilarious glass pieces. Pieces that look more like a piece of artwork than a smokable device. Yet, the amazing thing about novelty or themed bongs is that they actually function, and oftentimes quite well.

Ever thought about smoking out of an octopus? Or how about a bong that’s shaped like your favorite cartoon character? There are countless types of creative bongs, if you can imagine it, it probably exists.

Novelty bongs are sure to get a major laugh from friends, and they look great on display. Yet, the drawback is that since the bong is so special, you’re less likely to use it for frequent smoking sessions.

Personal Versus Group Sessions

If you’re thinking about using your bong for personal sessions, you would benefit from buying a mini bong. Whereas, if you'll be sharing your bong with a lot of friends, it's better to buy a larger size, with the capacity to pack deep bowls.

Bong Materials

The material you want your bong to be is arguably one of the most important buying decisions you’ll have to make. Here are some of the different types of bong material:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Bamboo
  • Ceramic

Before you buy a bong, we suggest visiting a smoke shop and asking if you can carefully hold bongs made of different materials. Get a feel for what type of material you like, and also consider what you’re living environment is like.

If you have tile or wood floors, you should consider getting an unbreakable bong made of plastic or metal. Whereas as if you have carpeted floors, a glass bong would have a better chance of surviving.

Why Glass Bongs Are Popular

Glass bongs tend to deliver the most pleasant smoking experience because of how they interact with your body. Here’s how glass bongs can please your 5 senses:

  • Touch: Smooth and easy to grip
  • Smell: Hard for bacteria to breed
  • Sight: Artisian glass pieces with different colors
  • Aural: Bubbles are softer
  • Taste: Glass is tasteless

Glass pieces are also non-porous making it hard for bacteria to live in them. As a result, when cleaned properly, glass pieces smell significantly better than plastic or wooden ones. When you’re selecting your glass piece, make sure you take into account the thickness of the glass.

Glass Thickness

When you buy a bong with thick glass, it will last you much longer. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to buy the thickest glass out there. From experience, we find that anything in the range of 3 to 3.55mm is the perfect amount of thickness.

Picking Percolators

The whole point of smoking out of a bong is to take the harshness out of the smoking experience. Percolators help your bong achieve this goal by cooling the smoke down and allowing extra effective filtration. Each different type of percolator will have a slightly different purpose and effect.

Here are the different types of percolators:

  • Honeycomb
  • Tree
  • Inline
  • Matrix
  • Turbine
  • Fritted Disc
  • Showerhead
  • Spiral
  • Faberge Egg
  • Downstems

When you choose a bong with multiple percolators the smoke will be even smoother.

Tips for New Bong Users

Now you can buy a bong with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the perfect piece to fit your lifestyle. After you find the right bong for you and bring it home, make sure you pick a designated area where you can store it and keep it safe. There’s nothing worse than investing time and money into a water pipe, only to accidentally break it before you even get to enjoy using it.

Finally, why not prepare for your smoking session by having some delicious food items handy. Home-cooked food items tend to be the best since you can jampack them full of flavor.

Need a few ideas on what to cook up in the kitchen? Check out our food section today!


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