How To Buy a Chinese Checkers Board

The Chinese Checkers board game was inspired by the Halma, a European game with a similar objective. The Chinese Checkers board can be made out of various materials, but the more common type makes use of wooden pegs.

Chinese Checkers uses a star-shaped board where the game is played. Markers with different colors placed at the various points of the star are assigned to each player. The object of the game is for each player to move their respective color markers across the star board to fill up the point of the star directly opposite, from where they started. The player, who is able to move all his or her markers first to the opposite point, wins the game.

When you want to buy a Chinese Checkers board, consider the following features:

1.     Decide on the game style you prefer. You have a choice of the:

  • "hop across" style where the players target to move all their game pieces across the board towards the opposite star corner.
  • "collect and capture" game where the players hop over the marbles to collect and capture the opponent’s pieces.

2.     Choose the type of pieces you prefer to play with. Game boards are designed to hold the kind of game pieces you choose. Game pieces can be a choice of:

  • round or peg-style pieces
  • glass or plastic marbles
  • wooden or plastic pegs

3.    Determine the shape, size and material of the board you want.

  • The common boards are square, but some are round.
  • Round boards usually have a 12” diameter while, square boards measure 6” to 14” across.
  • Some game boards have cork pads or felt bottoms to prevent the board from scratching surfaces.
  • Game boards can be wooden, plastic or made of hard cardboards.

4.    Decide on how you would like to store your board game.

  • If you would like to hang your board after playing, choose a board with a key hole you can use for hanging.
  • Some boards have built-in compartments where you can store the pegs or marbles you used in the game.
  • There are folding boards where you can store the marbles or pegs inside, after playing.

5.    Search online or in stores for the specific kind of board game you would like to buy. Keep in mind the features you decided on as your preference. You can consider checking out this site for various types and kinds of available checker boards:

For most, the wooden version of the Chinese Checkers board game is still the preferred kind. The original board game was created using marbles instead of pegs. Since marbles are harder to manage especially if children play the game, wooden pegs were created. Using wooden pegs are easier since they fit into place when moved. You can preserve your game without losing the position of your game pieces. The pegs stay in place and are safe from being misplaced. On record, Chinese Checker wooden boards are still the cheapest in the market.


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