How To Buy a Console Racing Wheel

A racing game will just be a racing game despite the improvements in its resolution and graphics. However, there are just some gamers that seem to gain great experience out of ordinary racing games. If you strive to know their secret, the answer is a simple gaming tool. It is none other than a console racing wheel. Controlling the game using a wheel can make any other kind of racing game a better and more memorable experience. Hence, if you wish to gain the same great experience others achieve, you must make console racing wheel as part of your shopping list.

With the hundreds of choices when it comes to racing wheels, shopping for the right one for you can be a daunting task. Not all racing wheels in the market can provide you the best experience when it comes to playing your favorite console racing games. To guide you in your quest for the right wheel, check out these tips you must consider when buying one:

  • Determine your budget. Know how much you wish to spend for a console racing wheel. The most advanced wheel can cost more than a hundred dollars. However, given the price, these wheels provide a lot of great features to improve your racing game experience. If you are not willing to spend that much, shop around for cheaper ones. There are a lot of models of wheels that you can find for less than $50.
  • Consider force feedback. A good thing about racing wheels is that they can even let you experience every bump in the road of the game through force feedback. However, this kind of feature is mostly available in high end console racing wheels alone. Meaning, wheels that have this feature are a lot more expensive than regular wheels. If you do not mind force feedback, settle for cheaper wheels, which are still precise and sturdy.
  • Consider the type of video games you play. The main purpose of racing wheels is for you to feel a realistic kind of racing. To make this more effective, it is best for you to grab a wheel that very well matches the kind of game you usually play.
  • Pick one that is compatible with your game console. Most racing wheels in the market can only work for specific kinds of console. Therefore, check whether your chosen wheel is compatible with the console you have at home. If not, your purchase will just be a waste.
  • Consider other features of the racing wheel. Get a racing wheel that has a lap attachment. This is especially true if you don’t have a custom racing seat or a table to mount the wheel at home. The lap attachment feature of a racing wheel will be most helpful in making every console game a convenient and comfortable one for you.

Your choice of console racing wheel will make or break every racing game you play. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes here. Double check your needs and find the right wheels for you. Once you do this perfectly, every racing game will be an experience closer to reality.


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