How To Buy a Fiddle

It is nice to see a person who is a master of his or her musical instrument. Sometimes you get so inspired that you, too, try to learn how to play a musical instrument. Most of the time people choose common instruments like the guitar, piano, or drums. Rarely do you see people learning to play the flute, cello, or even a fiddle. Those instruments are so unique that watching people play those instruments never fail to mesmerize the audience or the people listening.

In buying an instrument such as a fiddle, it is vital to buy one that is of exceptional quality and made from good material. Many have learned their lesson the hard way actually. So many people have bought a guitar that is made from poor material, so every time they play the guitar, the sound that comes out is more like coming from a can when you hit it with another metal object. This article will help you to avoid experiencing the same pitfall when buying a fiddle.

  • Before buying any instrument, try shop hopping. Go from one instrument shop to another so that you will a have a wide variety of fiddles to choose from. You can actually try and test the instrument at each shop. This gives you an advantage in choosing the right kind of fiddle for you.
  • Have a chat with other violinists and fiddlers who are professional and provide lessons, since they are experts on how to choose a top-quality fiddle.
  • You must know the parts of the fiddle. You should know how many strings are in a fiddle. You should be able to identify which is the case and which is the bow. Did you know that you need a bow in order to play the fiddle? These items are necessary so that you have a better learning experience using your newly bought fiddle. Know also where to buy the other parts in case one of them gets broken, as in the case of a broken bow or string and so on.
  • It is not advisable to buy your fiddle from online auction sites because you are not sure if the quality of the instrument is good without using it first hand. Most online buying sites actually don’t have a return policy, so you will be at risk of spending your money on a worthless piece of instrument. They may be cheap, but may not be worth it even if you are just beginning to learn how to play the fiddle.
  • Buying the right kind of fiddle should be taken seriously because not every fiddle you see inside musical instrument shops promises good sound quality. It is better from the beginning that you are using the best kind do that you will have a better learning. The sound of a poor quality instrument is very distinguishable from buying a high quality made instrument. So do not settle for anything less in buying a fiddle. If you want to start learning the instrument, it is better start it with a good quality fiddle on your hands.

And, if you plan to buy a fiddle, make sure that you will not stop practicing and using it because it will only be a waste if you use it for a while then forget all about it and let it sleep somewhere in your house. You’ll never know you might be so good at being a violinist that you might become a professional someday.


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