How To Buy a Flour Canister

Flour canister

Pablo Neruda, a poet from Chile once said: “peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread.” Very poetic indeed but perhaps nobody told him that a delicious slice of bread won’t be possible to bake with spoiled flour just hanging around your kitchen. Just as cookies are stored in cookie jars and sugar is placed in sugar bowls, flour, which is another kitchen essential, should also be kept in flour canisters. If you want to learn more tips on how to improve your storage section in your home, particularly the benefits of using such canisters, read on.

Although some people keep most baking products like cornstarch and cocoa in their respective boxes after purchasing these grocery items, it is still better to unload them into suitable containers where they can be easily stored.  Flour is without a doubt one of the most fundamental cooking ingredients which seriously needs to be kept in an appropriate flour canister. There are a lot of different containers for flour being sold in the market and below are some brands that showcase different features.

  1. Snapware Flour Canister- The modular airtight flip-top flour canister by Snapware is one of the most recommended by kitchen experts online. Aside from getting rid of those messy paper bags, its modular design enables you to stack the canisters with other wide pantry containers. Having an extra-wide flip-top opening gives you plenty of space to reach in using a measuring cup and get what you need, mess-free! With its lid’s 4 latches, one on each side, you can easily snap the lid in place to ensure that the flour holder is sealed.
  2. The Ambre Flour Canister Set- While most similar products are made out of plastic, this brand is actually ceramic. It includes a labeled storage for coffee, sugar, tea and flour. Having rubber-sealed air-tight lids with molded handles, it helps keep your kitchen counter neat and tidy. Above all, it is food and water friendly. These pieces have script scroll designs inspired from the old “French Country” sugar bowls. Ambre flour canisters come in different sizes and colors but the stylish black and white design that adds a classic touch is the most purchased product from the line.
  3. Fleur De Lys Canister Set- Just like the typical innovative flour container, this architectural themed kitchen canister set also has lids that close effortlessly with metal hinge clasps and rubber inner seals that ensure air-tight freshness. Designed with an oval shape for ultimate space-saving storage, it is also perfect for storing baking ingredients like muffins, cookies or small everyday items. The Fleur De Lys Canister is sold as a set of two that contains one large and one medium sized canister in shades of brown and beige, set against a faux crackle backdrop.
  4. RPI Stay Fresh Flour Container- These canisters by RPI prevent lumps from forming by protecting flour against moisture and stale air. It is designed to avoid the mess often by emptying the contents of a flour bag into a container, and is made from durable clear plastic materials that are refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe. Practical and durable, these canisters are also stackable and modular for maximum storage. Other than having multipurpose designs and large storage capacity, they have rubber-trimmed bases that preserve countertops and shelves.

The kitchen is the part of the house that needs utmost consideration when it comes to organizing because perishable goods need to be preserved for as long as they could. Basic edible supplies like bread can also be placed in one of those sleek and stylish bread canisters, which make baked products like cakes or muffins more enticing to eat in your pristine kitchen. Just as glass jars need to be cleaned once in a while, so are these stainless steel containers with the help of brush canisters and canister cleaners. Such sanitizing tools are made to keep food containers sterile and clean. One of the popular brands of canister cleaners comes with a rotating brush nozzle and a dusting brush that makes hard-to-reach surfaces easier to clean. Not only do these work on steel and glass flasks but with dirty ceramic kitchen tiles as well. They can actually clean hardwood and tile floors without blowing dust around by sucking up dirt and large particles such as sand. True to form, there are plenty of ways on how to improve one’s home but having the key to a clean and more organized living certainly opens doors to a more effective urban lifestyle.


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