How To Buy a Game Boy Micro Faceplate

You are a part of history if you own a Game Boy Micro. This is the last handheld game console using the name "Game Boy." Since 2005 up to 2007, about 2.5 million units of Game Boy Micro were sold. Now, if you have this one during the first years of its release, you probably have some problems on its face already. It's a normal tear and wear, though, which can be instantly fixed if you have a Game Boy Micro faceplate.

Follow these instructions for a sure way to avail your old buddy a new Game Boy Micro faceplate:

Decide on the faceplate color. The Game Boy Micro faceplate color available depends largely on your area.

In Japan, there are only four colors available: silver, purple, blue, and black. Japan also released four limited edition of faceplate. These are the Final Fantasy IV, Famicon controller, Mother 3, and the Pokemon editions.

In USA and Canada, available Game Boy Micro faceplates are interchangeable. These are the Ammonite and the Ladybug, the black and silver, and the Flame and the Camouflage. USA and Canada also released a limited edition Famicon controller-inspired faceplate.

In Europe, four Game Boy Micro faceplate colors are available: pink, blue, green, and silver. Australia has it in pink, red, blue, black, and silver.

Your choices are not only limited to what are available in your region. With online shopping, buying the faceplate color available only in another region is possible. Even a not-heard faceplate design for the Game Boy Micro can be found online.

Shop. Now, you have to look for some sources of Game Boy Micro faceplates:

  • eBay. This source is popular for anime-inspired faceplates. You can find faceplates made of good materials from here but some buyers said that faceplates from eBay are not that strong.
  • Consoles and Gadgets. They offer faceplates for Game Boy Micro along with other accessories for the game consoles. Even other accessories for other game consoles like Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP are available here.
  • Nintendo. Where else can you get a Game Boy Micro faceplate but from its creator? The only downside of getting from Nintendo is that it offers very limited choices, requiring you to settle on classic faceplate colors like silver and black.

Compare. Trim down you choices to at most three. Compare their prices, the condition of the items, and the seller's reputation. When comparing prices, always add up the possible shipping and handling charges to the total cost. Read the product's description carefully as well since some of these might be second hand or have some defects. Check the seller's reputation also if you will be buying online-it's your only basis whether to trust the seller or not.

Pay. When paying for the Game Boy Micro faceplate, make sure that the payment page is secured. There should be the golden lock and the "https" instead of "http." These are obvious signs that the page is secured. Make sure also that your computer is not infected with any spyware of keylogger. If you have a debit card, better use that instead of a credit card.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the Game Boy Micro faceplate to arrive. Install it on your game console and see the stunning, brand new-looking Game Boy Micro you have there.


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