How To Buy a Gene Doll

A Gene Marshall doll is a very popular collectible doll. It stands over fifteen inches toll and comes in a variety of glamorous and fashionable gowns. Gene Odom is the designer of this fifties inspired old Hollywood movie glamour doll. First sold in the mid nineties, the Gene doll continues to fascinate doll enthusiasts the world over. If you are an avid doll collector, a Gene Marshall doll is a must have.

Here’s how to buy a Gene doll.

  • Get to know Gene. Visit her official website at and read up on the doll’s history. You may also order the Ashton-Drake catalogue for an overview of the dolls. You’ll learn about the different personalities of the different Gene dolls. There are also various collections with each new issue of the dolls, such as the 2008 Girls from the Dream City Collection. Research the collection that you like to find out the value of each doll.
  • Choose your doll. Aside from Gene Marshall, there’s Madra Lord, Trent Osborn and Violet Waters. The newest to the Gene doll collection is Ivy “Vee J” Jordan. Each doll has a story and its own personality. Each one is carefully crafted and given a tremendous amount of detail.
  • Be prepared so spend. Unlike regular play dolls, Gene dolls are collectible items, so it retails for much more. It averages about $100 per doll. If you buy a Gene doll gift set, it retails for over $200. If a specific model or collection has been discontinued, the value of the doll appreciates so you may end up paying a premium price for it.
  • Go to an authorized dealer. The exclusivity of the Gene doll makes them hard to find, further adding to their value. You can try select toy stores, such as FAO Schwartz. You can go to the Integrity Dolls website at for a listing of North American stores.
  • Visit a collectible shop. Specialty stores that cater to collectible dolls should carry this popular doll in stock. You may also want to network with other avid doll collectors to find resources to add to your collection.
  • Buy online. Gene dolls can be purchased from IT Direct at You may also buy from Amazon or EBay. If you are buying from a third party person, make sure that you are buying an authentic doll. There should be an authentication certificate along with the doll’s packaging.
  • Stay abreast of Gene doll related news. Recently, it was announced that upcoming designer Jason Wu will design for Gene (he is best known for making Michelle Obama’s white inauguration ball gown). This is certainly exciting news for doll collectors. Any changes in the production of the dolls affects the doll’s overall value to keep a pulse on what’s going on. Check the website and other forums for any updates.

Once you have your Gene doll, try to keep it in it’s pristine and premium condition so that it maintains its value. Some collectors place their dolls in special glass cases to added protection.


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