How To Buy a High Quality Picasso Print

Pablo Picasso was a very well respected artist of the 20th century. He was a painter, sculptor and draughtsman from Spain, but he lived most of his days in France. He was born in 1881 and from his childhood, he produced works of art, most of which were sketches and paintings. He died in 1973, and left more than 50,000 pieces of artwork. Most of this artwork is housed in museums in Europe. Some have been auctioned off and are now owned by private citizens who are able to afford to buy works of art that are worth millions of dollars.

Picasso’s works are distinct and unique, making them a really interesting focal point in one’s house or office space. While buying a million dollars worth of original painting is out of the question, you can still buy quality prints, either duplicate prints of his paintings, or original sketches that are not as popular, and are therefore less expensive than his famous works.

The first place to look is in the Internet. Look for art galleries that feature Picasso’s paintings and drawings. He has thousands of drawings, most of which are abstract sketches of nude men and women. Some are of animals and people he has known in his life. Browse through his works and see whether you are indeed interested in his paintings and drawings.

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the market value of these kinds of art works. Find out how much the original paintings and prints are worth, then compare these with high quality replicated prints that are being sold in the market. Decide whether you want to just buy a replica and enjoy viewing Picasso’s art work, or whether you want to have a collection of genuine art works, and you prefer to purchase only authentic, original Picasso prints.

If you have already decided to purchase Picasso’s work, look for art galleries that sell quality prints. There are also galleries that sell Picasso’s original sketches. Some can be purchased online. However, be wary of purchasing online since some of the sellers may be giving out fake prints, or are selling at a very high price for a replicated print. It is highly advisable to do a lot of online research on the authenticity of a Picasso print. You can get involved in online forum and discussions and learn about other people’s experiences in obtaining high quality Picasso prints. Get in touch with a Picasso art collector and ask for referrals on where to buy the authentic works of Picasso. It is faster to find a specific art work and determine whether what a seller offers you is a fake, so pick out one specific painting or drawing first, research its origin, the date it was created and see if you can trace its ownership.

There are sellers who provide a money back guarantee on their items, and also present you with a certificate of authenticity. Before purchasing, especially the expensive prints, make sure you have done a lot of research and that you are getting your money’s worth.


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