How To Buy a Mobile Stage

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Event marketing has become very popular and very effective.  This type of marketing can include anything from live events to simple trade shows.  In many cases it is essential to use some kind of mobile staging for the event.  They come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, and can be any number of lengths and heights.  It is important because when doing any type of marketing the goal is to be seen, and standing wider or higher than your competitors can have certain advantages.  Live events, such as theater productions or comedy sketches, also usually require some type of staging.  Stages help performers, models, and barkers be more visible to their audiences, so everyone can have a view of all the fun.

Mobile staging is an excellent solution.  Whether it is moving from city to city or is needed for a one-time event, a mobile stage will allow you a great foundation (literally!).  There are a number of suppliers who rent or sale mobile staging.  They are usually very easy to transport, but you will almost always need a trailer or a large truck, and maybe a few muscles.

The more simple mobile stages will usually come in single height, duel height, and risers, and will fold up onto a rolling caddy for easy storage and mobility.  These generally can be assembled by one person, with minimal parts and/or tools required.  The more durable staging, which requires much more stability for movement, will most likely have to be disassembled in smaller parts for more effective packing.  For this type of larger indoor mobile staging you will need a basic model with interchangeable legs.  These can be used outdoors as well; and, because the legs come in different sizes, you can customize the stage to your specific needs.  For example, a fashion show will need a long runway.  Larger outdoor mobile staging is great for events like concerts and festivals, and has a fairly easy - but much more technical - setup.  At least one technician is required because it comes equipped with lighting and sound attached on high trusses.  These stages are attached to a trailer that can be stabilized as the support system.  When folded up, all you need is a truck capable of pulling roughly 5,400 lbs.

Suppliers will train you to assemble your mobile stage.  The process generally isn't too complicated, depending upon the type of stage required.  You can do a simple Google search for a supplier in your area.  Be sure to compare customer reviews before making your purchase; as mobile stages can be expensive and unwieldy, you want to make sure you purchase the right stage the first time.


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