How To Buy a Toy Crane Vending Machine

Toy crane vending machines are one of the most popular types of arcade games. They not only provide a few minutes of fun for small children, but also the opportunity to win prizes – as long as the player knows how to handle the toy crane that is used to lift toys out of the vending machine. Before buying and setting up a toy crane vending machine, here are some points for you to consider.

  1. Requirements. Check into the legal requirements that are necessary to run this type of vending machine. In some areas, people and establishments who run vending machines are required to have a business permit while in others taxation laws may even apply to establishments with these machines. Check the local city government office first and get the necessary approval. You may also be required to place a sticker permit on the machine before operation.
  2. Prizes. Next, consider the types of prizes that you will use for the vending machine. For instance, you will need to determine whether the machine will contain candies, toy robots, stuffed toys, dolls, or a host of other novelty items. When choosing prizes, be sure that you have one which is popular with the vending machine’s audience – small kids – but inexpensive enough to rake in revenues even when the players manage to extract the toys from the vending machine. Keep the crane type in mind as well, since some cranes are designed for hard objects, while others are designed for grabbing soft toys like Teddy Bears.
  3. Security. Also check out the security system installed in the establishment where you will set up the vending machine, as well as the security mechanisms in the actual machine. You may need to reinforce the locks and seals in the machine if you are operating the toy crane vending machine in an area where the players tend to tamper with the device. The best machines also have locking wheels that will keep the device from being carted off, and unbreakable glass panels to keep the prizes secure inside.
  4. Currency. As with all other types of arcade games, you will also need to determine the types of currency that will be used to operate the machine. Some machines can work with quarters and actual currency, while other machines are designed to work solely with tokens. Check also the legal permit – some states require tokens to be used in vending machines.
  5. Budget. The budget is another factor that you should consider when purchasing your vending machine. These machines can cause anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the design and the features included in the toy vending machine.  By creating a budget even before you start scouting for a toy crane vending machine, you will be able to set limits on your expenses. You can also check out refurbished or second hand vending machines from other arcades that are closing shop or remodeling their machines.

A toy crane vending machine is a great addition for your arcade or home. Be sure that you have warranties to go along with your purchase, so that you can rest assured that your vending machine is insured.


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