How To Buy an Airbrush Kit

Airbrushing is a multi-purpose technique used in painting. It requires a collection of tools which includes an airbrush, a compressor, and paints, among others. Because airbrushing needs a number of materials, it would be convenient for an airbrush enthusiast to procure an airbrush kit that will hold all the airbrushing implements in one handy case.

The following are important factors to consider prior your purchase of an airbrush kit.

1.    Choose a craft work. There are a lot of crafts for which an airbrush kit can be most useful (e.g. nail fashion, makeup application, etc.). It is advisable to choose and decide the type of craft in order not to make errors in choosing the type of airbrush kit package to buy. For instance, an aspiring airbrush tattoo artist can purchase starter kits and later on purchase tattooing pro kits and tattooing accessory package after learning the starter kit’s relevant functions in making temporary tattoos.

2.    Know the functions of each tool. Before buying an airbrush kit, it is necessary to be familiar with the basic functions of each airbrushing tool. Remember that the tools you are about to buy can cost you a big investment, which is why you always have to follow the “positive-over-negative” rule. This rule means that the positive attributes of a certain tool outweigh its negative features.

  • Airbrush. The single-action airbrush is the simplest to operate. If you are expecting an output with a general pattern, you can have the single-action airbrush at greatest use. On the contrary, the double-action airbrush is well-suited for precise or detailed work, such as photo retouching and T-shirt printing. Airbrushes can also be classified into external or internal mix, where, internal mix provides finer patterns than external mix.
  • Air Source. One essential element in this emerging form of art is air. The air source may come from aerosol tanks, air regulators, air compressors, etc. It is important that you consider the attributes of the different air sources. Today, auto compressors are the most commonly used air source in airbrush kits.
  • Paint. The paint predetermines the type of craft you want to achieve. The different types of paint are watercolor paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, and gouache paint. You must be familiar with the qualities of each type of paint so as to fit the theme of your desired craft. For example, nature scenes become more captivating with the use of watercolor paints because of their fine, transparent character.

3.    Read product reviews. A wide range of airbrush manufacturers are competing in the market today. More often than not, it perplexes your decision on what company to choose. One good aid in narrowing your choices is by reading product reviews and buyer’s guide. You can obtain this information in trade magazines or you can search for it on the Internet. You can also seek some advice from airbrush professionals.

4.    Buy at trusted stores. Having a bit of knowledge on the product that you want to buy gives you more confidence in choosing the stores with great deals. Some of the companies that provide quality products of electric erasers are Quint Graphics (Sakura), Shoplet (Staedtler), and Plexsupply (Koh-I-Noor).

As an emerging business of today, it is overwhelmingly confusing for airbrush practitioners to rightfully decide on what type of airbrush kits to purchase. Nonetheless, knowing certain considerations and applying them faithfully reserves our right to enjoy good quality products.


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