How To Buy an Atari 7800 ProSystem

Atari 7800 ProSystem was released in 1986 and was the most sophisticated Atari video game console ever created. The technology applied to Atari 7800 was advanced, making it the console to beat. The evolution of technology, however, gave way to other more advanced video game consoles—think of Playstation and Wii—so Atari 7800 became sort of archaic. There are, however, some units that were brought from the past to the present. It can be a little hard to find a working Atari 7800 today, but it is not impossible. If you are currently on the lookout for Atari 7800, you may find the following buying tips helpful.

  • Search online. Most Atari consoles can be found online. Simply type “Atari 7800” in your search engine and see the search results. These results will lead you to different links of Atari online sellers. Make sure to compare prices. You might be surprised that Atari costs more than you expect. It is not always a cheap bargain, so expect to spend more than $100.
  • Try online auctions. Sites like eBay most likely have an Atari 7800, so again make a search. If you are lucky enough, you might have a lot of options that sell for quite less. To protect your money’s worth, always do business with a good-rating seller. If you must, ask him questions about the console to make sure you are not buying a junk. Also, know the shipping polices and other important purchase information.
  • Go to yard sales and vintage stores. Although the odds are small, you can find an Atari 7800 in a yard sale. It is possible if some clueless person decides Atari is outdated and is therefore useless. So his junk becomes your treasure. Remember, however, that no yard sale offers more than one Atari, so you might have to hurry and buy it before someone else gets the treasure. A vintage store is also worth a try, although don’t expect too much. If you happen to find an Atari 7800, it might only be good for display. You know vintage stores; some of the items are only for shelving, not for actual use.
  • Check that all parts are included. The joysticks, cables, plugs, power supply, and all other parts should still be intact. So make a thorough inspection just to be sure. You may also have to buy adapter and converter to connect the console to your television, since Atari 7800 is only compatible with old television models.
  • Test the Atari. If allowed, carefully test the Atari 7800. Because it is a secondhand item, expect some glitches in the hardware and possibly software. But these glitches should not affect the game experience in any major way. If testing is not possible, like in the case of online buying, a warranty should be accorded. If there is no warranty, demand for one.

Buy Atari games at the same time you buy the console. Most games of the previous Atari models can also be played in the Atari 7800. You can find Atari 7800 games in online game stores, online auction sites, and Atari game websites.


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