How To Buy an Electronic Chess Game

Playing electronic chess is a great way to improve your chess game. Two people can play against each other or one person against the computer. Electronic chess games have that classic chessboard design combined with today’s amazing technology.

First, you must decide whether you want a game for travel or for your house. Handheld travel games are compact, fit almost everywhere and are a great way to keep in practice while on the road or away from home. They come in two versions: a three-dimensional peg or magnetic type or a touch screen type. The three-dimensional set has a chessboard with indentations. The placement of pieces triggers the electronic sensors to let the computer know your move. With the touch screen sets, the computer records your move with just a touch of the stylus pen.

Electronic chess sets for the home, on the other hand, are larger and have more available features. These tabletop models are full size and run with an AC adaptor or batteries. Their pieces are standard size and usually have magnetic bases attached to plastic tops. Many players prefer weighted pieces because they are easier to use.

For the genuine chess fan, there are electronic chess stations. These sets give you both a handheld game and a full-sized model. The handheld game docks into the table model so your play is recorded in both places. A chess station is the most economical choice for the serious chess player because you get two games for the price of one.

Next, determine what features you want in your electronic chess set. Basic features include, a good storage place for the pieces, at least a 1750 strength rating, a memory feature for saving games – finished or not, and an LCD screen that is easy to read. Of course, at least a year’s warranty should also be included.

Other options vary. Beginners appreciate being able to chose variable strength ratings, ask for hints, and select pre-programmed opening moves. Some games also include teaching modes, undo options, and effective mate choices.

More experienced players would require a strength rating to 2300, a chess clock and personally rated games. They could improve their play with games that include checkmate situations to solve at various levels and training in checkmate strategies. Some games also have the world’s most famous chess games to watch.

Buying an electronic chess game is one of the smartest moves a chess player can make. Buy one today!


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