How To Buy an Internal-Frame Backpack as a Gift

An internal-frame backpack is the best gift that you can give to an outgoing person or traveler.  There are many kinds of internal-frame backpack in the market, and you should make your choice carefully. It is important that you buy an item with the right fit and size. Here are some tips to consider in buying an internal-frame backpack as a gift.

  1. Consider first the personality of the person to whom you will give the gift. Take note of the gender, age, height, weight and activities of the recipient to guide you on what type of backpack to buy. For example, if the recipient is a girl, the backpack should have a feminine accent and its size should be narrower and shorter than a man’s backpack. Size is really important and it should be your first consideration in your purchase. Never buy a backpack just because you are impressed with its style and design. Make sure first that it fits the body of the one who will use it.
  2. Visit reputable stores that sell quality outdoor gears. Make certain that the sales person has a good knowledge of the items sold in the store. Prices of backpacks usually range from $70 to $400. Choose what you think is right for your budget.  Be warned however that low cost backpacks are often inferior in quality and are too heavy for one’s comfort.
  3. Aside from visiting backpack stores, you may also shop online. One website where you can make your purchase is Be aware though that shopping online entails additional shipping cost. Also, it is better that you see and carry backpacks personally to try how they fit.
  4. You may also invite the recipient to the store and let him try or fit the available backpacks then ask him which one he thinks best suits him. If you intend to make the gift as a surprise, do not tell him that the purchase you intend to make is for him. After he has made his pick, go back to the store alone some other time and buy the said item.
  5. Choose a backpack that is appropriate for the recipient’s activities. Backpacks come in varying sizes depending on the purposes they are intended for. If the recipient is fond of outdoor activities like mountain climbing, rock climbing, hiking or camping, you may buy something, which is bigger, and has enough space, pockets and compartments for all the gears needed.  But for a person who just loves to get out of his home once in a while to spend a quiet weekend alone, buy a lighter but spacious backpack that can contain personal things for a two-day vacation.
  6. Select a durable and heavy duty backpack. Examine the materials with which it is made. Take note of the interior lining as well as the outside covering of the item..   
  7. Make sure the straps have thick and soft padding inside so as not to strain the shoulder and back. While at the store, try to place in some heavy materials with the assistance of the sales person then check the fit of the hip belts. The hip belts hold some of the weight of the backpack and it is important that they will not snap easily when the bag is already loaded. Make sure too that the straps are adjustable so you can loosen or tighten them as the need arises.

Having an outdoor activity or weekend vacation seems to be exciting but it may become burdensome when bringing a heavy luggage. If you have a friend who eternally complains about lugging around his heavy stuff every time he goes on vacation, it’s time you buy him an internal-frame backpack as a gift.  When he receives the gift, he will always remember your goodness every time he sets out for an adventurous trip.


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