How To Buy and Play Video Games for Free (Almost)

Playing video games is an expensive hobby, but it does not have to be as long as you buy your video games smartly. Read on for tips on how to buy and play video games for almost nothing.

1. Be patient and be resourceful at the same time.

Discounts on newly released and popular video games take awhile, so be patient in waiting for that price drop. While you are waiting for the video game prices to drop, be resourceful and ask your friends if they have a copy of the video game you wanted. You spend nil if you borrow your friend’s video games.

2. Find out the reviews and ratings before buying a cheap video game.

There are video games with over the top prices, but you can also find cheap ones for sale. Before buying the cheap video game, look for its user reviews and ratings. Even if you’re only buying it for a much cheaper price, you don’t want to end up owning a low quality video game. Buy a video game that you will get hooked on, not something that you will eventually throw away.

3. Look for video game sources online.

One of the most popular video game retailers is GameStop. Visit GameStop’s website for a list of their game titles. Aside from selling brand new video games, they also carry pre-owned video games that went through rigorous inspection before being tagged as for sale. Another notable website, GameFly, offer rentals on over 7,000 game titles. GameFly’s monthly subscription of $22.95 enables you to rent 2 video games at a time. You also get free shipping, and you can play the video game for as long as you want before you return it. GameFly members can also join their trade-in program where you can get credits toward your membership fee in exchange for your used video games. Other popular online video game sources are eBay and Amazon. Remember to compare the prices and verify that the video game is in good condition before buying them from online sources. Do your research and investigate about the online seller’s reputation. Feedback from previous buyers can help you identify a credible online seller.

4. Scout for video game sales.

Sales are rampant especially during the holidays so be on the lookout. Check out gaming magazines and online game forums for information on video game sales.

Take time out to find cheap sources that will quench your hunger for video games. By following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy playing video games that you got for almost nothing.


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