How To Buy Authentic Shark Teeth

Sharks are probably one of the fiercest creatures on the planet. With every possible ability to help them catch their prey, they are a fearsome contender in the killing fields of the sea. Their teeth are one of their biggest and most fearsome features. Several rows of the sharpest teeth in land or water, they can turn anything, from muscle to bone to shreds in an instant. These shark teeth are prized collectors’ items and can be worth a lot of money. If you wish to start collecting authentic shark teeth, this guide will help you find authentic shark teeth sellers along with some tips on how to test the authenticity of shark teeth.

1. Authenticity. Shark teeth, especially fossil shark teeth like megalodons can fetch a high price if they are of collector’s value. This is why some people in our society decide to fake old, damaged shark teeth and make them look passably realistic. Of course, not everyone is hell bent into making fake shark teeth, but some would like you to think that just because they look good means they’re natural. Here is a list of things you should look for when buying a megalodon tooth.

  • A megalodon’s tooth is sharp, serrated, and the root is almost always whole in a collector’s item. However, due to hundreds and thousands of years of degradation, the inner part of the tooth has decayed, making the outer part brittle. To compensate for this, scammers and cheats saw off the root part and add synthetic filling into the teeth much like a dentist would on your tooth. This may look all well and good, but for a serious collector, it is worth next to nothing.
  • Another thing to look for is the enamel of the tooth. After years of staying in the sand, the megalodon’s tooth absorbs the minerals making it change color and have impurities. Other scammers use sandpaper or even industrial tools to reshape the tooth and clean it. Check for striations from the sandpaper and check the serrations if they are still there.
  • When checking the tooth, try this test: get a needle and a candle and heat the needle up until it is burning red. Pierce the area with the needle. If the needle goes in, it is a restored tooth making it worthless. Check for a foul odor as it also means that it is a fake. If it is real, it won’t do any of the two things and the needle won’t suffer any damage.

2. Stores. Venice, Florida is considered as the Shark Tooth capital of the world. Not surprising since the currents that come here are from places where the megalodon was once supposed to exist. You can find a lot of shark-related items here especially shark teeth. For those who aren’t near Venice, Florida however, there are many online sites for buying shark teeth. Ebay and other online auction sites have a variety of people who sell shark teeth.

Sharks have been around longer than even the dinosaurs and their teeth, which we trade and collect now, are a symbol of their strength and size even after their time. If you want to find good shark teeth, then a lot of research and leg work is in store for you. Hopefully, this guide has helped you lessen all that. Good luck, and happy hunting!


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