How To Buy Ballet Costumes for Girls

Whether she is part of "Swan Lake" or is going to play a princess, your daughter's ballet costume should be beautiful and comfy and must properly fit. Because of all the intricacies involved in ballet, it is commonly believed that buying ballet costumes is a complicated procedure. But the truth is, if you know what you are looking for and how to look for it, buying ballet costumes should be pretty manageable. Here's how to do it.

  • Get your child's measurement. Critical to buying ballet costumes, and any dancewear for that matter, is the measurement. Waist and length are the two most important measurements you have to get, regardless of the type of costume you are looking for. To measure the waist, ask your daughter to stand straight and wrap a tape measure around her waist. The tape measure should rest just over the band of her underwear. To get the length, place a tape measure on her waist and hang it down toward the point where the ballet skirt will end.
  • Take the type of ballet dance into consideration. Ballet and other dance performances can be classical, modern, and lyrical, and each type requires different kinds of costumes. For instance, classical ballet performances usually require dancers to wear tutus. Modern ballet, on the other hand, might need tights and bodysuit topped with a contemporary, flowing skirt. Lyrical ballet requires long skirt. So before buying, ask your daughter's ballet instructor exactly what type of costume is needed for the performance.
  • Keep comfort in mind. Ballet costumes are an eye candy. They make your daughter look ultra girly and princess-like. But don't make cuteness the only factor in choosing a ballet costume. It has to be comfortable, so your girl can move freely and easily with the costume on. If your daughter adjusts the costume too often and is itching to wear the costume off, it is safe to say the costume is not comfortable to wear. 
  • Check brick-and-mortar and online costume stores. There are lots of stores that sell ballet costumes for girls, so you won't run out of options. If you prefer, you can go to a physical store and have your child fit several types of costumes. The advantage here is you can instantly see if the costume fits well, is comfortable, and is well-sewn. Visiting online stores is another option. Their websites are usually catalog-like, so you can easily spot the costume that is right your daughter. However, be very mindful of the size. Online stores usually don't replace and make refunds if you give them the wrong size.
  • Try the ballet costume on your daughter. The ballet costume store should allow your child to fit the costume. If not, consider buying from another store. When fitting, take note of the length, waist, armpit, and bust areas. The costume should not restrict any movements of the child and should make an effect unique to ballet costumes. If you intend to buy from an online store, however, fitting might not be possible. So in this case, you need to be very sure you give the right size; otherwise, you might have to send the costume to a seamstress for alteration.

If your child is a regular part of ballet performances, chances are great you need to buy costumes from time to time. In this case, you have to get the child's measurements every so often to include recent growth spurts.


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