How To Buy Books for a Penny Plus Shipping on

You'd be surprised at the number of books you'd be able to find in that cost only a penny plus shipping. Unbelievable? Well, better believe it. Many independent merchants sell previously-owned books for a penny, and they are able to derive revenues through the quantity of items they are able to sell, and through discounts for shipping that they qualify for.  Whatever the case may be, this is certainly good news for buyers worldwide. If you are looking to know how to buy books for a penny (plus shipping) on Amazon, here are some great how-tos and tips for you:

1.      Expect to find books that are widely-available and mass-produced. The usual book titles being sold for a penny are those that have been printed for several editions already, and which are commonly being sold widely or even given away. Also expect books that may not be in stellar condition, meaning they would probably have torn covers or a few stained pages.

2.      Look for listings of penny books available at in This is probably the best website to help you find listings of books at Amazon selling for a penny. Look for books through this website by subject, by author or by title

3.      Look up the "bargain books under $5" category once you get in at You could also choose to have the results sorted by price (from lowest to highest) so you'd instantly be presented with the cheapest options first.

4.      Consider the shipping costs. If you finally find the book title of your choice for only a penny, don't think that that's all that you'd be paying. Also factor in the shipping costs, which is usually at $3.99 (or depending on the weight of the book, and where you want it to be shipped to).

5.      Know of some other alternatives. Be encouraged by the fact that there's more than one way to get substantial discounts on books - or even get to read them for free! If you were interested in reading books that have been declared as public domain or public property, you'd be able to read them online or offline for free at sites such as,, and Also check out, which lists public domain sources online.

Another alternative for you is to compare prices on books at Through this site, you'd be able to know where to find the cheapest price on the book you're looking for. Similar websites include and

There you have it! These are just some of the things to remember if you're interested in looking for books that sell for a penny (plus shipping) at In this age when there are so many ways for you to stretch the value of your money (and there are so many tools to help you do so), there's just no reason why you should miss out on these options. Good luck, and shop smart! 


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